Closing Out Your Work Day – The Right Way

What is the best way to get off to a productive start tomorrow?

Pay it forward – by ending today’s work day the right way.

You can’t argue with the logic: when you efficiently and completely wrap up your work day before you head home, you set yourself up for success the following morning:

  • You leave with a clear head, so you can fully enjoy your time away from work.
  • You have a clear plan for action in the a.m. (which sets the tone for your entire day).
  • With a proactive and prioritized plan, you’re less likely to be stuck in “fire fighting” mode, and more likely to accomplish your primary objectives.

Smart, right?

So let’s take this post from logic to action. Below, you’ll find six tips for closing out your work day on a great note – and setting yourself up for an even better tomorrow:

  • Review today’s to-do list. For each key project, assess and note where you need to be by the end of tomorrow. If there’s something small you could do before leaving today to advance your effort, do it – you’ll be that much further ahead in the morning.
  • Check tomorrow’s schedule. What meetings, calls or appointments are scheduled? What portion of your time is already committed? Take inventory of how much time you really have available to schedule.
  • Plan your time and activities for tomorrow. Plan to complete your highest priority and/or least favorite (but important) activities first. Over the course of your day, you’re likely to get distracted with urgent requests and unplanned activities. If you accomplish at least one big “to do” before things get too crazy, you’ll make real progress by lunch tomorrow.
  • Block off time for high-focus work at your personal peak-productivity time (which varies from person to person).
  • Tie up loose ends. Answer those emails you’ve been meaning to send all day; finish paperwork, memos, status updates or other administrative activities that cap-off today’s activities and set the stage for tomorrow’s work.
  • Clean up your physical and digital workspaces. Take a few minutes to re-file papers, delete junk emails and tidy up your space. A clean, organized work area provides an instant productivity boost in the morning.

Another smart way to get off to a great start tomorrow?

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