Does Your Team Need to Go Back to the Classroom?

School is back in session – and across the country, parents are heaving a collective sigh of relief.

Now that kids have returned to their studies, is it time your staff hit the books, too?

Often, managers rely upon on-the-job training to close skills gaps and help employees learn. But sometimes, these measures are not enough to provide the in-depth education workers need. While dedicated training can be expensive and pull people away from work responsibilities, it can also provide impressive returns for your team and your business. Here are just a few of the benefits that dedicated training time creates:

  • Accelerated learning. Free from the stress and distractions of their daily obligations, employees are able to focus fully on learning.
  • Increased productivity. When employees are given ample time to improve their skills and learn better ways of getting work done, they naturally become more productive in their jobs.
  • Reduced need for supervision. Employees who are better trained and more productive free their managers to do their own work – instead of having to micromanage staff.
  • More satisfied employees. Dedicated training demonstrates a real commitment to your team’s well being and development. The ability to grow in their respective roles makes employees feel empowered, confident and happier in their work.
  • Lower turnover. Not surprisingly, people who are satisfied at work, and know that their employer wants to make them more successful, are less likely to seek “greener pastures.”
  • Stronger employment brand. Get a competitive recruiting edge by promoting the dedicated training you provide employees. When job seekers see that you invest in developing your core team, they’ll have a more favorable opinion of your organization – and will be more likely to apply to your open positions.
  • Healthier bottom line. Better product and service knowledge. More productive, satisfied employees. Improved job skills. More time for managers. By investing in dedicated employee training, lasting results like these will far outweigh the initial expense.

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