Feel Stuck on an Island? Here’s How to Connect With Coworkers

Day 1: “Woohoo! No more rush hour traffic!”

Day 7: “I could get used to this working-in-pajamas thing.”

Day 14: “I wonder how my coworkers are coping through all this?”

Day 21: “Ugh – I feel so out of the loop. I miss my team.”

Working remotely has been on the rise for years, but recent events have abruptly forced millions of employees to begin telecommuting full-time. While the novelty and freedom of working from home may have been great for a while, being thrust into unfamiliar work territory has created a host of challenges for employees – not the least of which is feeling disconnected, isolated and downright lonely.

If your newly remote work situation has you feeling stuck on an island, use these tips to get more connected with your coworkers:

  • Use your commute time as connection time.
    Use the time you used to spend commuting to schedule virtual coffee time with a favorite coworker or your entire team. Whether you use a conference call, video call or text chat, you can regain the social time and spontaneous conversations you crave.
  • Exercise together.
    Use your regularly scheduled breaks to engage in mini workout sessions with your fellow employees. Hop on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting or another platform to do planks, wall sits, jumping jacks or even deskercise (yes, that’s a real thing!). In addition to getting extra facetime with your team, you’ll also get your blood pumping – which is great for boosting your mood, focus and productivity.
  • Work with your video on.
    Create a video meeting your team can jump on and work quietly in together, just like you would in the real world. Simply hearing and seeing someone else working diligently can instantly lift your spirits and banish loneliness. While this tip isn’t the best for large groups, it can be a great morale booster if you’re used to working in proximity with your team in real life.
  • Overcommunicate.
    Check in regularly and provide more frequent updates. Anticipate and provide information coworkers may need. Go the extra mile to personalize your written communications. For example, sending a question as simple as “How are you today?” can help you reconnect with a coworker and maintain the great working relationship you have.

Social distancing may continue for a while, but it doesn’t have to make you feel disconnected at work. Be proactive. Get creative with how you stay in touch. Look for ways to make communicating fun and personal. Implementing just one of the tips in this post can keep you from feeling stuck on an island and help you make the most of your remote work experience.

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