Deal with it, Rookie! What to expect and how to prepare for being a new hire.

You got the job – congratulations!

You should be thrilled, right? So why are you feeling so nervous?

Logically, you may wonder about your new work environment; your new boss; your new responsibilities; and your new team.

Fitting in as the resident “rookie” presents a host of challenges. How can you be sure you’ll rise to the challenge and get off to a great start? Today, PrideStaff offers some sage advice on what to expect as the “new person” and how to gel with your new work team:

Expect to feel a little uncomfortable. And even a little overwhelmed. Be honest with yourself: you’re headed into a completely unfamiliar environment, and you’re going to have a ton of new situations, expectations, people and information thrown your way. By acknowledging that you’re likely to feel a bit anxious during your first week, you’ll handle that stress a bit better.

Expect to be “sized up.” Human nature being what it is, your new co-workers will undoubtedly be scrutinizing you on your first few days. They’ll be looking for clues about your personality and work ethic, as well as your skill and experience level. To show that you’re a great fit for the job:

  • Arrive a few minutes early, so you’re ready to work when your start time comes.
  • Dress for success. This doesn’t necessarily mean donning an expensive new outfit. To fit in, wear something appropriate for your new role that’s comfortable and makes you feel confident. Get that outfit ready to go the night before, so you’re not dealing with wardrobe malfunctions on your first day.
  • Listen and ask good questions. Your new work team will likely have specific systems and procedures already in place, some of which may be different from how you’ve worked in the past. So when you receive instructions, pay close attention. Take notes. Ask questions to be sure you’re completing tasks correctly.
  • Show initiative. When you finish assigned tasks, ask for more work – don’t wait for your supervisor to come find you sitting idle. Showing initiative will help you earn a reputation as a hard worker.
  • Display a positive attitude. Be optimistic, even if you’re a little outside your comfort zone. Your attitude will be appreciated by team members and managers alike, setting the stage for a great working relationship.
  • Avoid a “know-it-all” attitude. Your experience and fresh point of view are valuable assets to your new work team, but be careful not to take things too far. As the rookie, find a tactful way to share your ideas. Knowledge, enthusiasm and humility make a winning combination.
  • Thank those who help you on your first day. Show sincere appreciation to everyone who welcomes you to make a great first impression.

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