Half of All Job Applications Contain Inaccuracies. Here’s How to Protect Yourself.

Whether you’re bringing on temporary, contract or direct staff, two things are clear:

  • You must complete thorough background and reference checks to ensure worker quality and protect your company.
  • Conducting those checks effectively and compliantly has become more complex than ever.

The key to being both thorough and legal (and maintaining your sanity)? Hiring the right detective.

Employment agencies like PrideStaff provide distinct advantages over conducting checks yourself. Our expertise, breadth of services and economies of scale make us an ideal choice for completing critical screening. No matter who you trust to conduct candidates’ background checks, ask the following questions to stay safe and engage the best workers:

How do you detect false information? According to a study by the Society of Human Resources Management, more than half of all job applications contain inaccuracies. Find out how your staffing agency:

  • verifies the accuracy of education;
  • confirms experience and work history;
  • uncovers a history of criminal behavior or other employment-related red flags.

How do you ensure fairness and consistency? Make sure your background screening partner’s guidelines meet key criteria. A good background check policy:

  • is in writing;
  • uses objective criteria;
  • is applied to each candidate in the same way.

Protect your organization by scrutinizing your partner’s policy and ensuring that it’s applied uniformly.

How do you ensure “due care”? In our industry, most client contracts include a provision for the staffing agency to apply “due care” when vetting candidates. Find out what your partner does to ensure that workers who pose a potential threat or are otherwise unfit for employment will be screened out.

Trust the Experts at PrideStaff

Minimize your company’s risks and increase applicant quality by allowing us to manage part or all of your screening process.  As experts in pre-employment screening, PrideStaff can:

  • eliminate the time and headaches associated with background checks;
  • help prevent unsafe or criminal activity on the job (by uncovering history before candidates are hired);
  • ensure nondiscriminatory hiring practices are followed;
  • reduce the risks of negligent hiring suits;
  • conduct additional pre-employment screening, including drug screens and skills testing, to ensure the right candidates are hired the first time.