Do You Have an Employee Welcome Packet? You Should!


Want every new employee to get off to a great start with your organization?

Make sure you roll out the red carpet.

New hires are at their most impressionable and vulnerable during their first few days working for you. They’re typically both excited and a little nervous to get started, and they naturally have a lot of questions:

  • Where do I go on my first day?
  • How do I sign up for benefits?
  • What will the culture be like?

An employee welcome packet is an onboarding tool to help make your new employees feel relaxed, welcomed and prepared for success. In addition to answering questions like the ones above, a welcome packet also great for your business, because it:

  • helps new workers get up to speed more quickly, maximizing their productivity;
  • clarifies expectations immediately, simplifying performance management;
  • sets a positive tone for your employment relationship and accelerate team cohesion;
  • increases new hire success in your organization.

What should your employee welcome packet include?

There’s no “right way” to create a welcome packet; you should build one that suits your organization, values and culture. But if you could use a little direction, here are a few things great employers provide to roll out the red carpet:

  • The basics. Include a copy of the accepted offer (including the position description), required employment paperwork and forms (unless employees complete them online before their start date).
  • A CEO welcome letter. This brief document should introduce your company, welcome the new team member, explain your culture and touch on your organization’s mission, vision and goals.
  • Collateral. Include copies of your company literature, newsletter and annual report to help the new hire understand your organization’s big picture.
  • Employee handbook. Provide documentation that answers common employee questions and outlines your policies and performance expectations.
  • Company overview. Create an organizational chart that clarifies your organizational (as well as the new hire’s team) structure and outlines reporting and communication protocols.
  • Schedule for the first few days. Create a detailed itinerary for the first few days, blocking off time for paperwork, work station/office setup, introductions, training, meetings and anything else the new hire needs to do.
  • Company swag. If your budget allows, provide branded clothing or work items to make the employee really feel (and look) like a part of your team.

Want to ensure your new hires get off to a great start?

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