Don’t Let the Hefty Holidays Hold You Down

The holidays are great.

Festive parties, family gatherings, amazing hors d’oeuvres, meals and desserts…

Yes, the holidays are great. But if you don’t practice moderation, you might find yourself needing a new wardrobe once the New Year hits.

Here are some tips to stay healthy during the holidays and still enjoy yourself:

Understand your tendencies.

Do you crave sweets or cocktails? Are buffets your kryptonite, or do you stress eat? Do you abandon your workout routine during the holidays? Identify the primary drivers of your holiday weight gain, so you know where you need to adjust.


Focus on the social aspects of holiday gatherings.

Instead of heading straight to the bar or dessert table, grab a bottled water and start your celebration by having a great conversation. Keep your focus on the people you’re with – and you’ll be less tempted by the food and drink available.


Find someone else who wants to avoid holiday weight gain.

Sometimes, all you need is a partner to keep you accountable. Whether it’s a spouse, friend or co-worker, team up with somebody who will go to the gym or skip the dessert table with you. Need a little motivation? Reward yourselves for maintaining your weight with a massage, movie or holiday-clearance shopping trip.


Opt for protein.

High protein diets leave you more satisfied and less likely to binge on sweets. Turkey, chicken, lentils and beans are great choices, if they’re available. And if you know they won’t be, eat a small, protein-packed snack before you go out. You won’t arrive at your event starving, and you’ll have a perfect social excuse for not over-indulging.


Use simple routines to stay on track.

The holidays disrupt our routines; shopping, travel, out-of-town guests, vacation days and even sleeping in can derail the healthy habits you maintain the other 11 months of the year. Make a point of checking in with yourself each day over the next few weeks – and making time for the routines you need. Whether it’s exercise, practicing mindfulness or another habit, do what helps you stay centered and in control.


Try scaling back your daily calorie count.

Extreme dieting isn’t practical during the holidays, so don’t do it. Instead, eat portions that are slightly smaller. If you cut back by just 200 to 300 calories a day, you’ll give yourself a little “breathing room” on those days when you indulge at parties and other gatherings.

Make wellness a priority at work.

Task your wellness committee with finding ways to encourage smarter choices throughout the season. Whether you decide to exchange healthy recipes, start a group exercise regimen or even meditate together, emphasize wellness this month.

Time to get your workforce in better shape?

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