New Year, New Job, New You

It’s almost time to flip the calendar. Are you ready to flip the switch on your career?

Whether you want to:

  • re-enter the workforce;
  • find your first job;
  • transition to a different industry or line of work;
  • land a better opportunity with a new employer…

… New Year’s is a great time to make changes in your work situation. Where should you start? Today, PrideStaff explains how to reinvent yourself professionally and make a fresh start in 2018:

Give yourself an executive position – as the CEO of You, Inc.

Just like smart business owners build strategic plans for their short- and long-term development, you should take a proactive role in planning your own transformation. In this post, we explain how to run your career like a company – by creating a “strategic plan” for You, Inc.

Be optimistic – but realistic.

Set yourself up for success by acknowledging that the reinvention process will take time. If, for example, you want to evolve from an executive assistant into a director of HR, accept that the transformation won’t happen overnight. Consider the steps you’ll have to take, and then map out a plan and timeline for the transition. You could:

  • Find a job as an administrative assistant in an HR department.
  • Ask for stretch assignments or projects that would allow you to develop basic human resources management skills.
  • Build your network of senior HR professionals.
  • Go on informational interviews to learn more about career paths and how to advance in the field.
  • Educate yourself and become certified as an HR professional.
  • Apply to HR assistant jobs either internally or with another employer.

Over time, you can acquire the education, job experience and certifications you need to become a viable candidate for HR roles that offer the growth opportunity you want.

Put yourself out there.

If you want a better job, you need to present yourself as a better candidate. Don’t just submit your resume to postings you find online; build an amazing social media presence!

Most recruiters use LinkedIn to hire people for administrative and professional positions, so it’s the perfect platform to showcase your experience, build your network and connect with people who hire. Make a New Year’s resolution to create or improve your LinkedIn profile in 2018 with the tips in this earlier post.

Get smarter.

Want to change the way hiring managers think of you? Start by changing your own thinking. Engaging your brain in novel ways makes you more knowledgeable and dramatically influences the way higher-ups perceive you. Resolve to get smarter in 2018. Set aside time each week to learn new things by:

  • cross-training or shadowing employees in different departments;
  • following thought leaders online (read their articles, watch their videos, listen to their podcasts);
  • attending industry conferences and professional networking events;
  • reading industry publications and company literature;
  • taking classes to achieve certifications or advance your degree.

Ready to transform your career in 2018?

If you want to find a great job, transition to a new line of work, or climb the career ladder more quickly, PrideStaff can help. Our expert recruiters will assess your skills, interests and goals, and then present job opportunities that can start you on the path of reinvention. Search jobs or apply with your local PrideStaff office.