Don’t Look Desperate! Avoid Branding Yourself as a Desperate Job Seeker

“I really need this job.”

“I’ll take any job – I just have to get to work!”

“Pleeease hire me.”

Do you use tactics like these when you interview?

Probably not. You realize that pleading, whining and begging just makes you appear desperate – and really turns recruiters off.

But sometimes, job seekers’ efforts smack of desperation in subtle ways. Without realizing it, their language and actions unfortunately cross the fine line between “motivated” and “frantic” – and they miss out on great opportunities as a result.

While on the job hunt, how can you be sure you come across as confident and interested (without seeming desperate)? Use these tips from PrideStaff:

Use a dating mentality.
If you want to convince someone to date you, you shouldn’t harass him or her. Likewise, you should be careful not to appear overeager to a hiring manager. While it’s certainly appropriate to follow up once after you submit an application or interview for a position, don’t pester. It doesn’t work in romantic relationships or business relationships.

Send out your resume selectively.
If your target company has 20 positions available on their job board, applying to each of them sends HR a clear message: “I’ll take any job I can get.” Only apply to positions for which you’re qualified (and perhaps one “stretch” position) to demonstrate that you understand your strengths.

Choose language carefully.
If you’re using social media in your job search, updating your status with “still looking for work” just makes you sound hopeless. Make it clear in your Profile that you are available for employment, but keep your status updates upbeat. Instead of focusing on the fact that you’re unemployed, post content that shows how you’re keeping on top of your industry’s news and trends.

On the job hunt?

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