Remote-Friendly Ways to Show Your Team You’re Thankful Them

giving thanks remote employees

Praising employees is easy. Free. And it makes a significant impact on your business by boosting retention, engagement, motivation, and overall performance.

And given the year we’ve all had, employee recognition is more important than ever.

But in a time when many workforces are hybrid or fully remote, what are the best ways to show how thankful you are for your team? Here are a few remote-friendly ideas for expressing your appreciation:

Remote-Friendly Employee Appreciation Ideas

1. Pass the praise.

Fill employees’ plates with compliments, recognition, and thanks for a job well done. In this earlier post, we shared our favorite ways to demonstrate employee appreciation. Here are a few more tips to make your praise even more effective:

  • Match your praise to the effort and results. Effective praise comes in all forms. To make sure you hit the mark, match the recognition to the effort.
  • Be timely and specific. Praise has the greatest impact when delivered quickly and tied to a particular behavior or result. Detail the effort, time, and outcome the employee created to warrant your praise.
  • Level the playing field. Make sure that your processes are fair and consistent – and that everyone has opportunities to be praised for their accomplishments and contributions.
  • Shout out on video. Recognize employees during team video calls.

2. Go social.

Share praise and thanks for your employees (with their permission, of course) on your social accounts:

  • Create a “thank you” video that features your hard-working team members on the job.
  • Create a branded series of graphics to post on your accounts, each one featuring a deserving employee’s picture, name, role, and the reason you’re thankful to have them on your team.
  • Invite clients, vendors, and/or customers to share stories about their favorite people in your organization and why they enjoy working with them. Turn their comments into a blog post and share it on your social accounts, too.

3. Provide work from home equipment.

Your employees may not have the disposable income to spend on outfitting their home workspaces. Compile a list of items you’d be willing to provide and ask employees to submit requests for things they’d like. Here are a few to consider:

  • Ergonomic desk chair
  • Higher speed internet
  • Headset or microphone
  • USB ring light (great for people who have to be on camera but have poor lighting in their office)

4. Let employees pick their perks.

Buy a variety of digital gift cards of equal value to keep on hand. When you want to thank an employee (remote or on-site), allow them to choose the retailer and then simply email the digital gift card.

5. Get creative.

If you struggle to choose the right ways to thank remote employees:

  • Invest in “think-time” to develop fresh ways to show your appreciation.
  • Conduct a little online research to establish a remote-friendly idealist.
  • Survey employees to find out what expressions of thanks they value most.

PrideStaff is here to help.

Providing adequate staffing support shows employees that you respect their needs, value their contributions, and are thankful for all they do for you. This holiday season, show your team know how much you value them by:

  • Treating a deserving employee to a day off
  • Encouraging staff to take earned vacation
  • Bringing in our trained associates to cover unexpected absences
  • Staffing up to manage increased seasonal demand – and alleviate the stress on your core team

Give your local PrideStaff office a call to learn how we can help.