Get Paid: Tips to Help Negotiate a Fair Salary

You’re in the home stretch.

After a barrage of interviews, you’ve emerged as the top candidate and the employer has offered you the job. Way to go!

But there’s still one hurdle to overcome: salary negotiations.

Honestly, few of us relish the prospect of haggling over pay – especially before even starting a new job. Still, it’s important for your well-being – and your wallet – to negotiate a fair salary. Use these tips from PrideStaff to negotiate like an expert, and get paid what you’re truly worth from day one:

  • Get past your fear. Most employers expect you to negotiate salary, so they leave room in their initial offer to accommodate an increase if you ask for it. If you handle yourself professionally, the employer won’t be angry – he’ll respect you even more for asking.
  • Prepare to re-sell your value. Create a one-page “brag sheet” that highlights the measurable results you’ve achieved, as well as success stories and recommendations. Then, move on to a brief list of what you plan to accomplish for your new employer with the first 6-12 months. Use this sheet to help make your case for requesting more money.
  • Know what you’re worth. Do some research online to find out the going rate for your position within your industry. Sites like Payscale and Glassdoor can help.
  • Factor in cost-of-living differences. If you’re relocating, higher cost-of-living may work in your favor. Use an online cost-of-living calculator to compare your old city to your new one, and consider any difference when calculating the salary you’ll request.
  • Set the number. If you expect your negotiation to be successful, you have to have a definite number ready for proposal. Choose a salary at the top end of the range, so you have room to compromise if necessary. The good news is, if you’ve done your homework, you can easily justify the reason behind the figure you settle on. Tip: Ask for a specific number (e.g., $32,750 instead of $33,000). Why? Research shows that when employees use a more precise number in an initial request, they’re more likely to get a final offer closer to what they hoped for – because the employer assumes they’ve done more research to arrive at such a specific number.  
  • Talk to professional recruiters. What is another way to get valuable salary information? Talk to a PrideStaff recruiter. We place people in a wide range of positions from coast to coast, so we have a wealth of data and insight to share. If you need salary information, or need a great temporary or direct position, give your local PrideStaff office a call.