He’s Going the Distance: LONG Distance!

Want to move closer to the mountains or the ocean?

Always dreamed of living and working in a big city?

Need to be near family?

Then today’s post is for you. Whatever your reason for relocating, a long-distance job search can be frustrating and stressful – if you don’t know how to properly conduct your hunt from out of town. So before you start blindly trolling job boards, set yourself up for success with PrideStaff’s do’s and don’ts for landing a job in another location.


Research the local job market online.
Contact the local chamber of commerce or office of economic development to get pointers on where to look and what local industries are hottest. Search online for geographic-specific job sites or employment agencies like PrideStaff that can help you uncover new opportunities quickly.


Build a local network.
The sooner you get to know successful locals in your chosen field, the better. For example, LinkedIn has advanced search features to help you build your network in your desired location. Join groups related specifically to your industry, geography and even target employers. Be careful, however, not to post desperate “I need a job” announcements. Instead, test the waters to see how others use the group. Then, begin searching, posting and sharing to increase your credibility and visibility.


Explore telecommuting options with your current employer.
Does your company permit telework? If so, find out what your options are. You may not even need to find another job in your new location!


Stigmatize yourself with an out-of-town address.
Fight the out-of-town hiring stigma by being clear in your cover letter that your move is a done deal. If you don’t have a new local address:

  • Get one by renting a commercial mailbox from a company (Mailboxes, Etc. is a good option) that has a street address and will forward your mail to you.
  • Put “relocating to (insert city)” directly below your current address to be clear about your intention to move.
  • Ask a friend or family member who lives where you’re moving to if you can temporarily use his or her address.

Sit around idly.
It’s tough enough to find a good job out of town; an employment gap adds another obstacle to overcome. If you can’t secure a full-time position immediately, consider temporary work to earn money, keep your skills sharp and avoid a gap in your resume.

Want to go the distance, LONG distance? 

PrideStaff knows how stressful an out of town job search can be. We’re here to ensure that you don’t just search, but “go the distance” and find a great job in your new location.  Contact the PrideStaff office closest to where you plan to move:

  • Schedule an interview with a recruiting expert who knows the ins and outs of the local employment market.
  • Access unadvertised jobs with top local employers.
  • Find out more about great local job opportunities, including a wide range of temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire administrative jobs, professional jobs, IT jobs and light industrial jobs.