Why Your Culture Could be Make or Break

Culture shmulture.

With so much “real” work to do, who has time to focus on building a great workplace culture? After all, what’s the big deal? Your employees are treated well and paid fairly for the work they do. That should be enough, right?

Sure. As long as you don’t care about the quality of your new hires.

Creating a strong corporate culture isn’t just a “nice thing to do”; it’s smart business – especially when it comes to ensuring candidate quality. In a time when unemployment is near a 10-year low, here are three reasons why your culture could make or break your recruiting success:

Today’s job seekers have high expectations of their future employer.

They want more than fair wages and appropriately challenging work; they want to work in an environment where they feel valued, comfortable and able to perform at their peak. If you can’t explain how your company will meet those needs, your best prospects may never apply to your postings.

To tip the scales in your favor, determine what sets your organization apart. Consider:

  • What makes your company great?
  • Is work-life satisfaction a core value?
  • What is the “energy” in your workplace like?
  • Why do your employees love working for you?

An amazing culture stands out.

Post a humdrum job description along with a laundry list of required skills and experience, and guess what you’ll get? A bunch of humdrum applicants. To capture the attention of exceptional job seekers, you need to promote your culture as much as the job itself.

For this reason, culture needs to be a central part of your overall employment brand. Once you have a handle on what makes your culture great, find ways to showcase it everywhere you interact with potential candidates: in your job postings, on your corporate website and across your social media platforms.


Savvy job seekers are flocking to this site, checking out what your employees say about your work environment. What those potential candidates find can be the deciding factor in whether or not they pursue opportunities with your company.

If you have a phenomenal culture, your employees can be your biggest cheerleaders. But if your culture is toxic, bad reviews can send top candidates running for the hills.

In recruiting, culture matters. Afraid yours might stink?

Use the tips in our earlier post to design an anonymous survey that reveals hidden culture problems – and helps you turn things around.

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