How to Be Heard, Instead of Dismissed

Wondering what your workplace will be like?

Concerned about how well you’ll gel with your co-workers?

Want your supervisor to like you – and take your ideas seriously?

If you’re new to a job, of course you do! The desires to fit in, make a great impression and be taken seriously when you’re the “new kid on the block” are completely natural. You want to mesh with your team, but you also want your voice to be heard.

The stakes are even higher if you’re a young professional. Although you may have amazing ideas to share, more experienced employees could view you as a threat – or completely dismiss your suggestions – if you don’t tread carefully.

How can you strike the right balance? Below, PrideStaff shares a few tips for making a solid contribution as a new hire or temporary employee – without making waves:

Get to know your team.

As the new member of your work team, you’ll undeniably attract notice. Co-workers and managers will scrutinize you and try to size-up who you really are. At the same time, you should try to get to know your team mates and boss:

  • Find out what aspects of work they like most, and what they dislike.
  • Ask about the biggest challenges in their job, their department and the whole company.
  • Learn more about team members’ aspirations and long-term goals.
  • Try to identify areas where you could potentially lend a hand or help solve a problem.

Find ways to contribute – without coming across as a “know it all.”

You may have great ideas you want to share, but spouting them off at every team meeting might not have the positive effect you intend. Prove your work ethic and expertise without crossing a critical line by:

  • Volunteering for the jobs nobody else wants. If you want people to listen to your ideas, be ready to pay your dues. Show a willingness to roll up your sleeves and help your team out by doing tough or tedious tasks.
  • Listen and ask good questions. Your new work team will likely have specific systems and procedures already in place, some of which may be different from how you’ve worked in the past. So when you receive instructions, pay close attention. Ask questions to be sure you’re completing tasks correctly. Show some respect for the way things are done, before you make suggestions for changing them.
  • Avoiding a “know-it-all” attitude. Your experience and fresh point of view are valuable assets to your new work team, but be careful not to take things too far. As the rookie, find a tactful way to share your ideas. Knowledge, enthusiasm and humility make a winning combination.
  • Sharing credit. When you do a job well, be inclusive when taking credit. Make it clear that you’re part of a great team, and not just trying to shine a spotlight on yourself.

Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew.

You want to build a reputation as a contributor and hard worker – not management’s new “pet employee.” Focus on your core responsibilities at work, and be careful not to lose sight of why you were hired.

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