How to Eliminate Overtime Expenses

How big a price does your organization really pay for overtime?

Sure, there is the additional payroll expense to consider; but your employees also pay dearly.  The added strain of working overtime can:

  • heighten stress levels
  • increase mistakes on the job
  • lower productivity
  • lead to higher absenteeism
  • create a “revolving door” of turnover due to burnout

When you take factors like these into consideration, you begin to realize how expensive a proposition overtime truly is.

When you need extra help, PrideStaff is here for your business.  Use these guidelines to determine when partnering with us may be the best decision for your business:

  • Handling temporary surges in business.  When you need extra capacity, bring in temporary employees to help complete your projects or to provide support to the people working on the projects.
  • Covering planned absences.  Maternity, military and other forms of leave or PTO places unnecessary burdens on your remaining staff, often distracting them from their most important priorities.  Temporary workers can fill in for full-time employees who are out of the office and keep your business running smoothly – without the need for overtime.
  • Meeting tight deadlines.  If impossible deadlines mean extended hours for certain departments or job functions, your staffing partner can alleviate both bottlenecks and overtime with supplemental staff.  Get the expertise needed to complete projects on time and on budget, while controlling payroll expenses.
  • Tackling new initiatives.  A staffing service can provide the extra support you need to complete discrete, mission-critical projects or free your staff to test new product or service offerings – without over-extending themselves.
  • Improving productivity and focus.  Control the total number of hours your direct employees work while keeping them focused on their key priorities.  Use temporary employees to handle administrative and low-priority activities that interfere with the productivity of your core staff.

If you’re looking for a more intelligent and cost-effective way to staff your business, PrideStaff can deliver the expertise and solutions you need.  Our Workforce Growth Solutions deliver qualified temporary employees on a just-in-time basis to manage workflow peaks and effectively manage personnel expenses.  Contact your local PrideStaff office to learn more.