How To Spot a Highly-Engaged Candidate in an Interview

Finding the right person for a job isn’t easy. There’s more to a candidate than meets the eye—or is listed on their resume. By recognizing quality candidates early in the hiring process, recruiters and clients increase their chances of hiring a highly-engaged and valuable employee.

Use the following tips to identify genuinely interested and committed candidates during a job interview:

  • Read their body language.
    Non-verbal cues can tell you a lot about a person. Does the candidate maintain eye contact, smile, and seem enthusiastic about joining the company? Do their gestures and arm movements communicate excitement? Individuals with positive energy will likely energize their team as well.
  • Evaluate their mindset toward learning.
    Most candidates will need to learn new skills to succeed in a role. Employees with great potential will approach new challenges with curiosity and a growth mindset, looking forward to the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills.
  • Give them a problem to solve.
    Challenge each candidate with a job-related problem to see how they work their way to a solution.
  • Pay attention to their questions.
    Candidates who are genuinely interested in the job and the company will have given thought to their potential duties and responsibilities and have insightful questions during the interview.
  • Involve your team.
    If other team members participate in the interview, get their thoughts on the candidate. It can also be helpful to get feedback from people who interacted with the candidate in a less formal setting, such as over the phone or at the front desk when they arrived.

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