Is Your Brand Image Positive? Or Positively Negative?

A very wise person once said, “Perception is reality.”

When it comes to your employment brand, truer words were never spoken. What a job seeker learns about your company from others – both in person and online – dramatically influences their perception of how great (or lousy) a place it is to work.

So here’s the million-dollar question:

How positive is the perception of YOUR company’s employment brand?

The answer rests largely with your employees! In fact, your employees’ voices (both real and digital) can be used to increase company transparency – and shape the perception job seekers have of your organization.

Here’s how your employees can help you build a more positive employment brand (and attract better candidates):

Take a baseline reading. If you haven’t already, search sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Facebook to find out what your employees are currently saying about your company. Read all the reviews – even the ones that sting – to identify potential problems, as well as patterns or themes to the complaints disgruntled employees post.

Then, do what you can to address each issue. If you find that your brand is “positively negative,” change it. While it’s impossible to please every employee every time, implementing one or two small changes could make a big positive impact on future reviews – and job seekers’ perception of your employment brand.

Turn your employees into “brand ambassadors.” Teach employees how and why to share information about your corporate culture. Make sure every employee:

  • Understands your company mission, vision and branding objectives.
  • Knows what makes your organization special and a great place to work.
  • Is well versed on your company’s “rules of engagement” for posting socially. Clarify what you want employees to communicate, as well as how to communicate responsibly.

Create engaging ways to “pull back the curtain.” Further strengthen your employment brand by adding facility tour videos (featuring your amazing team members) or employee interviews to your company website. Features like these increase transparency for job seekers by showing what it’s really like to work in your organization.

Be honest. You and your employees should never fake it! While it may be tempting to gloss-over culture problems or present an idealized image of your organization, it’s always best to convey what your company really is. In truth, no company’s culture, work environment and operations are perfect – so it’s okay to admit a few negatives (it will actually make your message more believable).

Enlist your employees’ help in building an authentic brand that honestly presents what your company is now – and explains what you’re striving for in the future.

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