Is Your Career Future-Proof?

What will your job look like five years from now?  Will it even exist?


The truth is, nobody knows what the future holds.  Factors like globalization, innovation, technology and changing demographics are rapidly transforming today’s – and tomorrow’s – workforce.


So how can you ensure your career has real staying power, and isn’t just a flash in the pan?  Below, PrideStaff outlines the best ways to future-proof your career by continually learning and remaining resilient.


Keep your technology skills up-to-date.  Many of the changes in your career will likely be due to technological advancement.  Force yourself to keep your tech skills current, even if new developments don’t seem directly related to your current position.  Otherwise, you may find yourself left in the dust with a huge knowledge gap to overcome.


Grow as a professional.  To keep yourself in-demand within the job market, continue your professional development.  Commit to being a lifelong learner, choosing two competencies or skills to improve each year.  Develop and pursue a long-term learning plan, so that you’re sure to acquire the knowledge and education you need to stay on the cutting edge of your field.


Keep your eyes on the horizon.  Stay abreast of the forces that are shaping careers in your part of the world of work.  Never rely on your employer to do that for you.  The more you know about what’s around the next corner, the better prepared you’ll be to adapt to changes in your career or industry.


Maintain a success journal.  Now is the time to start keeping track of your skills and accomplishments.  Take the time to document what you really do well, the praise you’ve received and the measurable results you’ve helped accomplish.  Your next employer will want to know what you can do for him.  If you keep a success journal, it’ll be easy for you to show him just what he can expect from you.


Learn how to be a comeback kid.  The future is uncertain.  So no matter how carefully you plan, you’re likely to encounter a few setbacks throughout your career.  Accept this likelihood and prepare to bounce back by viewing setbacks as learning experiences.  Make yourself more resilient by:

·         Regularly affirming your strengths

·         Developing specific, achievable and measurable goals for your career

·         Monitoring your career progress to identify what’s holding you back

·         Building some flexibility into your career plans

·         Maintaining enthusiasm even when you encounter tough employment situations


Find Your Next Career with PrideStaff

PrideStaff can help you start a future-proof career.  With offices nationwide, we offer a wide range of temporary, temp-to-hire and direct opportunities where you can acquire and use in-demand job skills.  Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about great local job opportunities.