Job Search Survey Overview – How Candidates See the Job Market

How long are candidates on the job market?

What tactics do they rely on most when searching for employment?

How can you connect with the right candidates – right when they’re looking for job opportunities?

We have the answers you’re looking for. PrideStaff recently conducted an online survey to gauge job seeker behavior and job search trends across the U.S. The survey was completed by nearly 900 individuals, across a wide range of ages and education levels.

Here is a quick summary of the key findings from PrideStaff’s 2015 Job Search Survey:

Most are Open to New Job Opportunities

When asked about their employment status, the majority of respondents indicated that they are either actively looking for work or at least open to learning about new job opportunities:

  • 33.1% – Currently unemployed and looking for work.
  • 32.8% – Currently employed and open to listening to new opportunities if presented to me.
  • 20.4% – Currently employed but actively looking for another job.
  • 13.7% – Currently employed and not open to new opportunities.

Among those who are actively searching, nearly half of respondents initiated their search to find better pay, culture and training – or to switch careers.

Job Search Length Varies Greatly

  • Roughly 40% of all respondents found their last job within one to six months, but job search length varied greatly.
  • Among those actively looking for work, most (54.2%) have been searching for at least three months.

Responses to this series of questions were mixed, indicating that in today’s employment market:

  • Highly desirable candidates are able to find opportunities quickly and may only be on the job market for a brief period.
  • Candidates are becoming more selective as opportunities become more plentiful.
  • The gap between candidates’ skills and available opportunities is widening.

Working with a qualified partner like PrideStaff shortens your search for people with the skills and experience you require.

Most Effective Job Search Tactics

Online Job Boards
Nearly three quarters (73.5%) of respondents used online job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed during their last job search. Of the major job boards, was used by job seekers most frequently.

Employment Agencies
Roughly 70% of individuals worked with an employment agency or recruiter like PrideStaff to shorten their search and identify the right employment opportunities.

Social Media
While nearly one-third of individuals did not use social media in their most recent job search, responses show that Craigslist, LinkedIn and Facebook are the sites of choice for those who did.

Using a variety of proven recruiting strategies, PrideStaff can help you “cast a wider net” and connect with the right candidates, quickly and cost-effectively. If you need help hiring great people or finding workers with the skills you require, contact PrideStaff today to learn more about our Workforce Growth Solutions and On Target fulfillment process.