Four Easy Ways to Keep Your Team Engaged (Even If They’re Not On-Site)

If you put stock in statistics, the US isn’t doing a stellar job when it comes to employee engagement.

According to Gallup’s latest research, the percentage of engaged employees – individuals who are highly involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace – is just 36%. That means that more than six in 10 employees are either not engaged (psychologically unattached to their work and company) or actively disengaged (miserable at work and spread that unhappiness to their coworkers).

High engagement levels drive profitability while boosting employee retention, performance, and even health. But when you can’t gather your staff on-site for team builders or other traditional activities to foster engagement, what are your options?

Here are four ways to keep your team engaged as remote work continues:


1. Focus on flexibility.

School is back in session, and many parents are juggling the pressure of working from home with helping their children navigate virtual learning. As a result, it can be challenging for employees to perform at their peak during traditional business hours.

Work flexibility increases engagement by reducing stress and schedule conflicts, as well as giving employees the freedom to accomplish work when they’re most productive. When possible, consider offering flexibility in terms of work start/stop times, or allowing individuals to take mid-day breaks and finish up work in the evening.


2. Check in more frequently.

Asking employees, “How are you?” is a simple yet powerful way to keep them feeling connected and engaged. But if you ask this question, be prepared for answers that aren’t always rosy. Emotional trials and financial concerns are prevalent in the workforce and offer help for people who admit they are struggling.


3. Get creative with team building.

Team builders combat the loneliness remote employees experience, build interpersonal connections, and re-energize your staff. Executed correctly, virtual team builders have the power to make blended and remote teams feel as cohesive as on-site teams.

If you’re looking for ideas, a simple Google search yields thousands of options; choose ones that work best for your group size and company culture. Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Birth map. Google maps has a collaborative feature that allows everyone on your team to place a sticker on or near their place of birth. Ask each participant to share their favorite thing or tell a quick story about their birthplace.
  • Virtual lunch roulette. Bring your team into a Zoom meeting and then randomly assign break out groups to eat lunch together.
  • Group games. Use your video conferencing technology to run online trivia, bingo, karaoke, or any other game or activity your team is into.


4. Prioritize career development.

Yes, we’re in a pandemic – and many would argue that merely having a job is something to be thankful for. But to remain engaged, employees still need a sense of direction and opportunities to grow their skills.

Meet with employees individually (via video if in-person meetings aren’t possible) to review their progress, evaluate their interests, and discuss what you can do to keep their career moving forward. Engagement is about more than a paycheck. Keeping your employees focused on their future within your organization, and demonstrating a commitment to their growth, is invaluable.


How can we help?

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