Why PrideStaff? How Working with a Local Recruiter Can Help You Find a Rewarding Job

Searching for your next job?

Start your job search with PrideStaff. While we have a national network of more than 80 offices, each of our offices is staffed with local recruiters. They live in your area, drive the same streets as you, shop at the same stores, and are active members in your community.

They’re also your ideal job search partner.

How can a local PrideStaff recruiter help you find a rewarding job?

Here are a few of the advantages we bring to your job search:

  • Access unadvertised jobs.
    Who’s hiring in your area? While massive job boards have lots of postings, they don’t list all of the jobs available to you. Many leading employers trust us exclusively with their hiring and staffing needs, so you won’t find their jobs advertised elsewhere. When you apply with PrideStaff, you instantly gain access to jobs you might not have known about otherwise.
  • Get the inside track.
    Our recruiters have strong relationships with HR and hiring professionals in your area, so they’re a great source of information regarding:

    • The types of employers in your market who need people with your skills.
    • Industries that are booming in your area.
    • An employer’s corporate culture.
    • Your interviewer’s personality and interviewing style.
  • Earn competitive pay.
    PrideStaff’s local recruiters carefully monitor wage and salary data in your area. They work with clients to ensure their pay rates are at or above market rate – which translates into more competitive pay for you.
  • Search confidentially.
    Confidentiality is essential if you’re looking for a new job in your market while still working at another. But when you apply directly to jobs through big job boards or directly on an employer’s site, it’s impossible to maintain anonymity. If you need to conduct a confidential job search, your local PrideStaff recruiter will not submit your resume to an employer without your permission. They can help preserve your anonymity until you decide you’d like to pursue an opportunity.
  • Trust that our opportunities are a great fit.
    Creating an ideal match between you and a client-employer is about more than ensuring you have the right skills for the job. For you to thrive, an opportunity must also align with your personality, desired work environment, career goals and more. Our recruiters know clients as individuals, and they spend time on-site getting to know the client’s work environment, culture and teams. When a PrideStaff recruiter presents you with an assignment or job, you can rest assured they’ve done their homework to ensure you’re a great total fit for the opportunity.
  • Enjoy better service.
    When you work with our recruiters, decisions are made right within your local PrideStaff office. We expedite service, answer questions and resolve issues without making you wait or “jump through hoops.”

Ready to connect with a local PrideStaff recruiter?

PrideStaff will help ensure that you just don’t search, but succeed. We offer a wide range of administrative jobs, professional jobs, IT jobs and light industrial jobs. So, what are you waiting for? Search local jobs here or contact your local PrideStaff office today.