How to Find a Fulfilling Job

“Be thankful you have a job.”

“Hey – at least you’re earning a paycheck.”

“That’s why they call it WORK.”

Is that tiny voice in your head keeping you from looking for a better opportunity – a more rewarding one that has more potential and better suits your strengths?

Maybe it’s time to start talking back.

While you don’t have to love your job to perform it adequately, being fulfilled in your career produces multiple benefits:

  • Doing work you love is energizing. When you enjoy your job, it gives you more energy to put into doing that work well.
  • You feel more confident in a role that leverages your strengths than one that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy.
  • Persistence is easier when things get tough. Love for your work provides a sustainable energy source that can give you the stamina needed to work through occasional difficulties.
  • You enjoy the rest of your life more. A positive work experience inevitably improves how you feel for the rest of your life as well.

And if that doesn’t quiet that tiny voice, consider this: You will spend roughly 1/3 of your life (90,000 hours) at work. We think you deserve to enjoy those hours! Below, our career experts share their best tips for finding a fulfilling job:

Find a way to make your current job more rewarding

If you’re currently employed, do you really need a new job – or could you find a way to love your current one? In “How to Start Enjoying a Job You Hate,” we provide tips for improving your current work situation to increase your job satisfaction.


Take some time for introspection

If you want to find a new job that brings out the best in you, start by:

  • Discovering where you naturally excel. In “What Are You Great At?” we explain a simple process for uncovering your talents and strengths and then applying what you learn to find a new job that aligns with your innate abilities.
  • Evaluating what you don’t like about your most recent role. Have you outgrown your job? Is there something about the culture that doesn’t suit you?
  • Considering what you value most in your career. What’s most important to you: flexibility, serving others, maximizing your compensation, advancement opportunities? Make a prioritized list of what matters most, and use it as a guide for evaluating job opportunities.


Find the career intersection between your talents and values

Once you understand what you’re good at and define your priorities, do some research to develop a list of potential jobs and industries that might be a good fit. Then:

Resolved to find a more fulfilling job? PrideStaff can help.

Whether it’s the culture, the job duties, or a lack of opportunity that’s causing your dissatisfaction, it’s important to remember that you do have options.

Make PrideStaff one of those options. Our employment experts can help examine your skills, interests, and career goals – and connect you with a truly rewarding opportunity. Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about great local job opportunities.