Not Sure What You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Temping Might Be a Great Option

Uncertain about your career path?


You’re not alone.


At one point or another, most of us feel ambiguous about our careers and consider a change. Whatever your reason for indecision – whether you’re new to the workforce, have lost interest in your current job or feel that your industry doesn’t offer the long-term viability you need – working as a temporary can be a smart choice. Here are a few of the advantages they offer:

  • Try out different jobs. When you work as a temporary, you have a unique opportunity to try out a variety of job types, in a range of industries, with diverse employers.  You can test them all out – without long-term commitment – and discover where you fit best.
  • Gain valuable experience. Working as a temp helps you build your skills and rapidly broaden your knowledge base.  With each new assignment, you have the opportunity to gain more experience and make yourself more marketable, no matter what path you choose.
  • Stay flexible. You decide when, where and how you work. This allows you to build enough flexibility into your schedule to determine the best career path for you, conduct a job search, schedule informational interviews, network and more.
  • Take advantage of career guidance. Staffing professionals are employment experts. If you’re unsure of exactly how to best use your talents, they can help you critically examine your skills, training and experience to identify the right opportunities for you. Furthermore, they can help you refine your resume and hone your interview skills, to better prepare you for that first big break.
  • Find a full-time job.  Temporary work can be a bridge to direct employment. While on assignment, you have the opportunity to showcase your skills and work ethic. If you find a company and job you love, and the employer is impressed with your job performance, they can work with your staffing firm to transition you to a full-time job with their company.

Just entering the workforce? Not sure what you want to do? PrideStaff will help you figure things out.  Our employment experts provide a wide range of temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire administrative jobs, professional jobs, IT jobs and light industrial jobs.  Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about great local job opportunities.