Picking Up New Skills Through Temporary Jobs & Contract Jobs

Looking to re-enter the workforce? Feeling “stuck” in your job? Want to “level up” in your chosen field?

Temp jobs may be a great option to help you broaden your skills and provide you with flexibility. According to the American Staffing Association, 9 out of 10 temporary workers say that staffing work makes them more employable.

Working with a temp agency allows you to pick up new skills – often faster than you would in a direct hire position. With each assignment, you’re presented with a fresh set of challenges, a new work environment, and the opportunity to grow both within and beyond your chosen field.

Looking for a new challenge? Your local PrideStaff recruiter can connect you with leading employers offering a wide range of skill-building temporary jobs. How can we help you grow your career today?

Benefits of Temporary Work

Short-term assignments have many advantages if you’re looking to build your skills. Here are 9 ways partnering with a staffing firm can benefit your career:

  • Gain industry experience. If you are just starting out in your field, temp work can be a great way to gain experience without committing to a long-term role. Explore different trades, industry roles, or work environments until you find the best fit. If you’re considering a career change, temp jobs can help you build the skills necessary to work in another industry.
  • Get on-the-job training. Find a temp job that will help you grow your skills or build new ones. Many employers are willing to hire the right person for the position, even if they don’t have all the necessary experience. On-the-job training and mentoring can help you grow into your new role—and often advance within the industry.
  • Explore direct hire opportunities. Employers often hire contract employees on a temporary basis to “try out” their fit for a full-time role. Learning new skills on the job can sometimes open the path to a full-time career.
  • Enjoy flexibility. Many organizations need temporary help, so you can often find more flexibility in temp work than you can in a traditional full-time role. Choose roles that help you build your skills and fit your schedule.
  • Learn new technology. You may encounter new technology, processes, programs, or apps in your temporary role that will benefit you throughout your career. Stay alert for opportunities to learn and grow your technical skills in your temporary position.
  • Build your resume. Having industry-related work experience on your resume can help you feel more confident when interviewing for jobs in your chosen field. If you are struggling to land your dream job, it can be beneficial to continue building your skills and making connections by working with a temp agency.
  • Get feedback. Depending on the temp job, you might only receive an employee review once per year. Temporary work offers the opportunity to receive feedback after each placement, helping you to improve your work performance—and gain valuable references and referrals.
  • Grow Your Network. You’ll meet lots of people in your industry and make valuable connections that might benefit your career down the road. You may only be in the job for a short period, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impression on your managers and colleagues.
  • Polish your interviewing skills. Getting a job always involves acing an interview. The recruiters at a temp agency will help you prepare for common interview questions and practice your interviewing skills to set you up for success with hiring managers and employers.

Want more information on the benefits of temporary work?

Reach out to your local PrideStaff recruiter for more information about how temporary work can help you reach long-term career goals and offer you more flexibility.

Grow Your Transferable Skills in Temp Jobs

Whether you’re looking to make a career switch or just starting out, you’ve built skills over the course of your life that will help you perform a new job. These transferable skills can be applied in multiple positions. While you may be looking at temp work as a way to pay the bills, it offers the opportunity to build the following transferable skills, making you more hirable in the future.


The ability to adapt to new companies, learn new roles, and work productively in new teams is a highly sought-after skill, especially in these uncertain times. Many temporary jobs offer opportunities to adjust due dates, workflow, processes, or approaches to get the job done, helping you build adaptability, flexibility, and setting you up for future success.


As a contract worker, you’ll be expected to integrate into an existing team and work toward common goals. Being a team player is a valuable skill used in nearly every industry, and employers especially value workers who become an important part of the team and make positive contributions.


As you move from role to role, staying organized is important. You must get your work done efficiently within a set timeframe and assist the core team in reaching its goals. Temp jobs are a great way to grow your organizational skills quickly.

Time Management

Taking on new jobs requires being on time, finishing tasks in a timely manner, prioritizing your workload, and staying on track. Accepting temp jobs can help you practice time management skills that will help you throughout your career.


Good communication is essential in the workplace. You must often communicate with co-workers, managers, customers, and clients to complete tasks. As a contract worker, you’ll practice your communication skills daily, sharpening your communication abilities for future employment.

Problem Solving

Finding the right job isn’t the only problem you’ve faced in your life, and your ability to rise to challenges and find your way through them will serve you throughout your career. Employees who can identify problems and offer workable solutions are valued and appreciated by employers no matter how long they remain on the job, and sharpening your problem-solving skills will pay off for you, too.

What kind of jobs require transferable skills? All of them! Take a look at PrideStaff’s job board for career inspiration.

How Can You Make the Most of Temporary Work?

Every job counts if you are working temp jobs to build your skill set. You don’t want to waste time in a position with nothing to offer you. Use these three tips from PrideStaff to pick up the skills you need – and get the most from every temporary employment experience:

Use the right criteria when selecting assignments. Many employees choose temp or contract assignments based on pay, location, or work hours; however, if you want to maximize temp jobs as a way to build skills you should select assignments based on the learning opportunities they offer. Let your PrideStaff recruiter know your learning goals (i.e., the specific skills you want to develop). When our staffing experts understand your needs, we can do the best job matching you with opportunities that support skills acquisition.

Step outside your comfort zone. Growing within your chosen field requires you to take on new responsibilities. So rather than opting for “safe” assignments that only draw upon your existing skills, force yourself to push the envelope a bit. When you meet with your PrideStaff recruiter, discuss your need for challenging assignments that will help you develop new skills and assume new responsibilities.

Learn everything you can while on the job. When you’re on assignment, maximize your potential for learning. In addition to performing the assigned job, learn all you can about the employer, the industry, and potential career opportunities. Ask questions, observe co-workers, and take as much knowledge and experience away from each assignment as you can.

How to Find a Temp Job

PrideStaff is a nationwide organization with multiple locations across the country. The recruiter at your local office will sit down with you to discuss what you’d like to gain from your next goal. Together, you will choose a role that will get you closer to your goals and help you gain valuable skills for your career.

How else can PrideStaff help you gain new skills?

Gain a career coach. Our job network is constantly in motion, gathering information about what employers want from top candidates right now. Our recruiters can help you polish your resume, practice your interviewing skills, and land jobs that will build your skills and advance your career.

Connect with top employers. Our recruiters have deep roots in your local community and have built an extensive network of employer connections. They understand your industry and are familiar with the most beneficial roles for you. By partnering with PrideStaff, you gain access to a wide variety of exclusive opportunities you might not find out about on your own

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