Positive Work Habits to Move from “Temp” to Employee

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are positive work habits! Like most worthwhile things in life, changing your work habits requires willpower, consistent effort and lots (and lots) of practice.

But that practice can pay off. If you want to demonstrate your value to a potential employer while on assignment, great work habits can help you stand out – and may lead to an offer for direct employment.

To develop a new work habit:
· Start small. Choose one behavior you’d like to change, add, or eliminate.
· Write your new habit down and include the reasons you want to adopt it.
· Commit to the habit for 30 days, no excuses (it takes that long for a new habit to take hold permanently).
· Tell others what you’re trying to do. They’ll help hold you accountable and provide the encouragement you need.
· Once you’ve developed one new habit, immediately set a new goal for yourself. Build on your positive momentum.

Looking for a few constructive work habits that can help you bridge to a full-time job? Use these success tips from PrideStaff:

Habit 1: Dress like you want the job. Dressing appropriately for the assignment will help you fit in, perform better and feel more confident in your new role. It sends the message that you take your assignment seriously – and that you should be taken seriously, as well.

Habit 2: Be optimistic – every day. Make a conscious choice to approach each new work situation constructively – you never know where it may lead! So display a positive attitude, even when you’re a little outside your comfort zone.  Your optimism will be appreciated by co-workers and supervisors alike, and set the stage for a great working relationship.

Habit 3: Listen and clarify. Though you may be accustomed to completing work in a certain way, most employers have specific systems and procedures already in place.  So when you receive your work instructions, pay close attention. Take notes.  If any instructions are unclear, ask for clarification.  Your employer will understand that you are new, and he will respect your attention to detail.

Habit 4: Show initiative. If you finish ahead of schedule, ask for something else to do!  You will earn a reputation as a hard worker.  Not surprisingly, productive, proactive temporaries are the first to be offered direct employment.

Habit 5: Treat every temporary assignment with PrideStaff as if it were a permanent job. A temporary position with PrideStaff has the potential to launch your career. So put forth your best effort on every assignment!  If an employer is impressed with your job performance, he can work with us to offer you direct employment.

Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about great local job opportunities. We’ll help ensure that you don’t just search, but succeed.