4 Tips to Improve Company Culture

Let’s face it, employees who are happy and motivated to work for you are much more productive than employees who are “stressed out” – or who have mentally “checked out.”


A thriving company culture goes a long way toward keeping employee stress levels low and engagement levels high. Are you doing everything you can to improve your corporate environment? Use these four tips from PrideStaff to make your organization a better place to work:


1. Humanize your workplace. Do whatever you can to make your organization more friendly and, well, human:

·         Skip tedious “corporate speak” in written communications whenever appropriate, opting for simpler language that conveys the same message.

·         Eliminate micromanagement. Your employees are smart and capable, so give them as much leeway as you can to accomplish their tasks (just make sure you’re on the same page in terms of goals and accountability).

·         Talk about culture. Make your work environment a regular topic of conversation! When you detect stress or discord, bring it out in the open. The more comfort you show with addressing challenging human issues, the more open your employees will be to discussing and resolving them.


2. Mentor young employees. The economy has made it hard for Millenials to find great jobs out of school. Not surprisingly, this generation is part of the most stressed category of employees. Mentoring young staff members can go a long way toward alleviating their work-related stress, by demonstrating your commitment to helping them develop as professionals. So supply the career guidance and growth opportunities they crave. You’ll see improvements in retention, performance and your corporate culture.


3. Make your office furrier. Research shows that bringing pets to work greatly reduces stress in employees – alleviating a whole host of health issues from stress to high cholesterol. In fact, the simple act of petting an animal releases a hormone that lowers blood pressure and anxiety levels.


Of course, not every company is set-up to accommodate pets. For obvious reasons, office settings are more conducive than manufacturing facilities. If your organization can easily integrate four-legged friends, however, you’re likely to be rewarded with a more relaxed, healthy and productive workforce.


4. Work with PrideStaff. Temporary employees provide the support you need to keep your direct employees happy and working at peak efficiency. We can supply highly trained and motivated temporary staff:

·         For last-minute call-offs.

·         To assist during peak demand periods.

·         To handle time-consuming activities that rob core employees of productive hours.


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