It’s Getting Hot – But Remember, You’re Still at Work


“Hot” is a great word to describe the weather…

…not your work attire.

You’re smart.  Talented.  Professional. Make sure your summer work outfits reflect all these things!

Why is workplace attire important?

While focusing on your appearance may seem superficial, it still matters. Dressing appropriately for work (regardless of the season) shows your employer that you take your job seriously, respect the rules and understand your corporate culture.

And in many work environments, including manufacturing, warehouse and production, safety is a big concern.  Good quality work boots and other personal protective equipment are essential, no matter what the thermometer says.

What should I wear to work in the summer?

Unless your job title is “lifeguard” or “swimsuit model,” use these tips to keep it classy and cool at work, even when the weather heats up:

  • Know the code. Always refer to your employee handbook and defer to your company’s dress code. Then, consider your organizational culture: Is your workplace corporate, laid back or somewhere in between? When in doubt, err on the side of caution or take your cues from your management team.
  • Dress a notch above. Angling for a raise or promotion? Dress for the job you want – not the one you have. This piece of advice is especially important in the summer, when everyone tends to dress more casually.
  • Work a casual piece into a more traditional look. If your dress code is more professional, pairing a dressy t-shirt (instead of a button-down shirt or a blouse) with a blazer is an easy, appropriate way to lighten up your look for summer.
  • Choose natural fibers. Synthetics don’t breathe as well, so choose lighter fabrics like cotton and linen. If you perspire a lot, wear a lightweight, moisture-wicking layer under your shirt or blouse to prevent, well, you know…
  • Brighten up your colors. Whites, creams and inviting patterns instantly freshen up your appearance for summer.
  • Keep an extra layer handy. Blasting air conditioning. Big presentations. Unexpected visitors. Face-to-face client meetings. For these reasons and more, stash a cover-up layer like a long-sleeved shirt, cardigan or blazer at work.
  • Don’t push it:
    • Tenure and  seniority do not excuse you from following the dress code.
    • It may be hot, but flip flops and crop tops are still workplace DON’TS.
    • Avoid low-cut, tight and/or revealing clothing. Focus attention on your job performance – not your other “assets.”

Headed to a summer job interview – but don’t have a lot to spend on a new outfit?

No worries, we have you covered. In this post, “How to Look Great for Your Interview – On a Budget,” we share cost-conscious tips to ensure you dress to impress even when funds are a little tight.

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