What Is a “Passive Job Seeker”?


Want to vastly improve your candidate pool, shorten your time to hire and improve applicant quality?

Build a plan to recruit passive job seekers.

70% of people in the global workforce consider themselves to be “passive job seekers,” according to LinkedIn’s Ultimate List of Hiring Statistics.If you’re not doing everything within your power to understand what motivates and attracts applicants to your company, you’re losing talent to competitors

What’s a passive job seeker?

Definitions vary, but a passive candidate is one who:

  • Is gainfully employed
  • Is not actively searching for a new job
  • But is open to hearing about new career opportunities that are a great fit

Passive candidates may not be scouring job boards but that doesn’t mean they aren’t receptive to making a job change if it’s in their best interest.

What motivates passive candidates to change jobs?

While every person’s motivations are unique, these are the primary factors that may entice them to make a move:

  • Higher pay
  • Exciting projects
  • A clear path for advancement
  • Better work/life balance
  • Greater employer brand recognition

To pique the interest of this unique pool of talent, your jobs, culture and brand must appeal to passive candidates in one or more of the areas above.

The future of recruiting is passive!

In today’s employment market, the best and brightest are gainfully employed; reactionary recruiting won’t yield results. If you wait until a job opens to begin looking for talent, you’ll likely be stuck with a shallow pool of active job seekers who are unemployed or underqualified.

Great recruiting requires you to think ahead – and think differently. In PrideStaff’s new eBook, “Stop Looking for New Employees,” we explain how to create the right recruiting culture, plan and employer brand to bring passive candidates to you. We share:

  • Why the future of recruiting lies with passive candidates
  • What motivates passive job seekers
  • How to create a recruiting culture
  • How to build and promote your employer brand to attract the best and brightest

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