Re-Onboarding: Prep Your Organization to Return to Work

You’re going back to work – but things are certainly not back to normal.

As your business prepares to reopen, many aspects of office life will look and feel radically different. Health status checks, social distancing requirements, enhanced cleaning protocols, and more are now part of your company’s new daily routine.

What’s the best way to prepare employees for these changes?

Sound information and careful planning are essential to minimize anxiety, ensure compliance with new protocols and set your organization up for a successful reopening. Here’s how to “re-onboard” your team as they prepare to return to the office:

Communicate your reopening plans and safety measures.

Your employees will have questions – lots of them. Be proactive by sharing essential information on timelines, key decisions, and new procedures before employees return:

  • Communicate thoroughly. Before bringing your team back, host a conference call or webinar to review essential changes and share what adjustments you have made. Explain:
    • Your reopening plans and how you came to make your decisions.
    • What you’re doing to protect employees’ health.
    • How employees’ work lives will be impacted.
    • Expectations for work and your workplace.
    • How employees can use their benefits during these times (e.g., if they need to be tested for COVID-19 or take time off).

Provide written documentation of your reopening and re-onboarding plan for every employee.

When you display signage, be sure everything you post complies with all language requirements.

Create an “easing in” period.

Your employees will need time, training, and reassurance before returning to pre-COVID levels of efficiency. Build some time in their schedules over their first few days back to:

  • Reconnect with you and their coworkers.
  • Complete training on new health, safety, and cleaning measures.
  • Adjust their workflow and activities to accommodate new requirements.
  • Ask and get answers to important questions.
  • Set new goals to align with any changes you’ve made to company goals.

Model positive behavior.

No company’s reopening will be free from anxiety or frustration. However, your employees will pay attention to your actions and attitude – and follow your lead. Make a concerted effort to be patient, listen carefully, and remain upbeat during this time of transition (so your employees will be, too):

  • Embrace change. Be flexible as the pandemic evolves.
  • Focus on solutions. When problems crop up, devote your time and attention to solving them.
  • Find silver linings. Shift your perspective on the challenges that come your way, looking for opportunities to learn, grow, help, and serve.
  • Celebrate wins. Actively seek out and share good news company-wide.

Modeling positive behavior during the re-onboarding period will help you build the right culture post-pandemic – and set the stage for long-term success.

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