Robots: A Manufacturer’s Friend or Enemy?


It’s tough when you lose out on a job to another guy.

But when that other guy is a robot?!? It’s downright infuriating.

Robots, drones and certain forms of artificial intelligence are rapidly replacing humans in all kinds of manufacturing, production and warehouse jobs. If you work in one of these environments, are you doomed?

No way!

If you’re smart and proactive, you won’t be yelling, “A ROBOT STOLE MY JOB!” Anytime soon. Here’s why:

  • Machines have been around for centuries. And while they’ve made work easier, machines have primarily changed the way jobs are performed – not eliminated them entirely. The latest “industrial revolution” we’re experiencing in the modern workplace may change the role you play, but it’s not likely to eliminate the need for resourceful, hard-working people like you.
  • As old manufacturing jobs disappear, new ones take their place. For example, German manufacturers use three times more robots than their U.S. counterparts – but they also still employ more humans! While robots will be performing more jobs that require heavy lifting and repetitive assembly tasks, human intelligence and decision-making will still be needed to solve problems and maximize production.
  • Modern manufacturers don’t face an either-or choice. Optimizing success in manufacturing requires employers to combine the unique talents and strengths of humans and robots. To achieve greater speed, flexibility and efficiency, leading manufacturers realize they can’t entirely replace people with machines. Instead, they are transforming their warehouses, shop floors and production lines with intelligent equipment – while reskilling their employees to operate them.

Are robots your friend or enemy? That’s largely up to you! If you are open-minded, committed to learning new skills, and ready to evolve your role in manufacturing, you can have a strong, bright future in this industry for decades to come.

Don’t want to be replaced by a robot?

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