Send Out a Career SOS

Stuck in a job that’s “just paying the bills?”

Bored at work?

Ready for a job change, but afraid to make a switch?

You may be stuck in a proverbial “career rut.”

It happens to most of us at one point or another. Fear of change and lack of challenge causes us to “keep our nose to the grindstone” and “keep plugging away” at the same “ho-hum job,” day after day.

Month after month. Year after year.

Had enough? If you want to jump the career track, send out an SOS and get some help. Here are seven tips from PrideStaff to get you started on a new path:

Determine why you want to make a change.
Is your boss insufferable? Have you outgrown your job? Is the commute killing you? Figure out exactly what you dislike about your current position or environment, so you don’t fall into the same trap again.

Establish career goals.
If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get there! Write a detailed description of your ideal career and keep it in a place where you’ll see it often. Refer to it whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, so you can “keep your eyes on the prize.”

List your barriers to success.
Identify all of the roadblocks that stand between you and your career goal. Cross off the ones that are out of your control, and then brainstorm ways to break down the ones you can. Taking proactive steps (no matter how small) like this can be just what you need to get some traction and make a change.

Identify your transferable skills.
If there’s a big gap between your current and dream jobs, don’t be discouraged. Believe it or not, seemingly unrelated positions often require some of the same skills. Determine where your experience and your ideal opportunity overlap to develop a list of transferable skills. You can use these as a starting point for plotting the course from where you are now to where you want to go in your career.

Get outside help.
Now it’s time to send out that SOS. Connect with a wide variety of people who could potentially assist you. Email industry experts. Talk to your family, friends, your mentor and trusted colleagues. Ask for their insights to uncover new career alternatives or opportunities for professional development that may further your efforts.

Expand your network.
Read these earlier posts on using your alumni network and in-person networking to broaden your reach and uncover new career opportunities. Remember, you never know who will connect you with your dream job. Expand your sphere of influence to expand your options.

Partner with a recruiter.
If you want to broaden your job skills, explore a different career or gain valuable experience, PrideStaff can help you get out of a career rut.  Our expert recruiters can help you assess your skills, interests and goals, and then present direct job opportunities that are an ideal match. Search jobs or register with your local PrideStaff office.