Set Your Sights on More Money!

Want to earn more money this year?

Let’s be honest – we all do! But wanting it isn’t enough; you need a practical plan for earning it. How can you bridge the gap between where your pay is now and where you want it to be by next year? Below, PrideStaff shares simple steps you can take to increase your earning potential this year:

Acquire specialized skills.

Whether you work in a blue-collar, administrative or professional role, specialized skills are in-demand. With skill shortages growing in several industries, learning specialized skills in your field can help you:

  • qualify for a wider range of jobs;
  • advance more quickly in your field; and
  • earn higher wages than those without advanced skills.

Investigate options for learning the skills you need, and then create a plan to pursue advanced training.

Earn a certification.

One way to improve your candidacy for higher-paying jobs is by obtaining a new certification in your field. Certifications offer employers assurance that you are qualified to perform certain job duties and tasks. They can help you beat out competitors for the best jobs, get promoted faster and earn a higher salary. If you’re considering pursuing certification in your field, be sure to read this post first.

Take on temporary assignments.

Temporary jobs are a perfect way to strengthen your resume, expand your professional network and bridge to a great direct job. If you want to use temporary work as a way to increase your income, do the following:

  • Clarify your intentions with your recruiter, so they can present opportunities that match your goals.
  • Choose challenging projects that will allow you to learn new skills.
  • Opt for assignments with employers that are leaders in their industry.

Consider a career change.

Raises are tough to come by if you’re stuck in a dead-end job or a declining industry. And if you’re simply unhappy with your current career, you won’t perform your best (which makes it tough to get ahead). If it’s time to make a change, use these tips for mapping a new career path.

Partner with a recruiter.

The right recruiter can do a ton to increase your earning potential. They can:

  • Provide valuable career advice to help you choose a promising path.
  • Confidentially search for higher-paying opportunities while you continue to work.
  • Access the “hidden job market” (i.e., great jobs that aren’t advertised elsewhere).

Ready to earn more money?

Offering a wide range of assignments and positions with employers across the nation, PrideStaff can help you find a better job, transition to a new career, or expand your skills to increase your earning potential. But the first step is up to you: