Skip the Blame Game with Your Employees

Frustrated with lackluster performance – from either individual employees or your organization as a whole?

If your business is slowing down and your employees seem drained, you may be tempted to start assigning blame, barking orders or cracking the proverbial whip. After all, as a leader, it’s your job to delegate tasks and hold people accountable for hitting goals, right?

Maybe. But, maybe all your staff really needs is another team member – someone who will roll up their sleeves and lead by doing. How can you strike the right balance? Use these tips to be both a contributor and a leader who inspires exceptional performance:

Connect the dots.

Motivate your team to work through difficult times by linking your vision to their daily work. When you clearly explain how each role impacts the overall success of the organization, employees naturally feel more appreciation for the work they do (even when the going gets tough).


Keep essential responsibilities on your own plate.

Delegation allows you to get more done, put individuals’ skills to good use and increase employee satisfaction, but not all tasks are equally suitable for handing off. If responsibilities require your specific expertise, or if team members don’t have the capacity to take on the extra workload, delegating them can backfire.

Day-to-day, recurring operational work may be safely delegated when circumstances are right, but strategic, innovative or change-oriented initiatives typically require hands-on leadership. To ensure high-level challenges are addressed effectively, make sure you retain control of them and stay directly involved.

Lead by doing.

When things get tough at work, stop playing the blame game. Roll up your sleeves and climb into the trenches. If you’re afraid of “lowering yourself” to your employees’ level by doing the same work they are, get over it! Working alongside your staff during times of challenge significantly improves trust. When employees see that you are willing to lend a hand to get work done, it increases their commitment to achieving your organization’s goals – and makes them respect you more as a leader.

Then give your local PrideStaff office a call.

Whether you need a single line worker to lend a hand when things get busy, or a comprehensive workforce solution to manage demand fluctuations, we can provide the right support to improve individual, team and organizational performance.