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The process of finding the RIGHT job – one that aligns with career goals, complements your natural strengths, and provides the challenge and compensation you seek – can take time.

Don’t fall into the procrastination trap! If you’re tempted to postpone your job search, here are five tactics to get a jump on your job search now:

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Reconnect with your network.

Take advantage of every opportunity during the holiday season to reach out to people who could aid your job search:

  • When you send personalized holiday greetings to family and friends, let them know you’re looking for work and expressly ask for their help.
  • Reach out to colleagues, former employers, fellow alumni, and business contacts via email, LinkedIn, or phone. Share a simple seasonal greeting and ask them to contact you if they learn of job opportunities that might be a good fit for you.

Tap the power of social media.

Start by giving your profiles a thorough review and update. Include new accomplishments, responsibilities, trainings/certifications, and project examples, so recruiters have a complete picture of your abilities and potential.

Stay active on the social media platforms you plan to use in your job hunt. In addition to scouring these platforms for job postings and leads:

  • Systematically grow your connections.
  • Follow employers and influencers in your industry.
  • Connect with leading staffing and recruiting agencies like PrideStaff on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Join groups relevant to your field to build your network and look for job leads.
  • Commit to regular activity. Post, share, and comment, maintaining an upbeat, professional tone.

Leverage your vacation time.

If you’re currently employed and have unused vacation days, devote them to your search:

  • Schedule informational interviews or virtual networking meetings.
  • Update your resume and social profiles.
  • Conduct online research to learn more about potential career paths in your industry.

Build a list of your ideal employers.

Make a list of your target employers and spend time studying their website and social media profiles to uncover potential openings and learn more about their corporate culture.

You can expand your list of targets by searching online for “best places to work in (your city).” Your local business journal usually administers these awards. Those lists are good starting places because employees have to go out of their way to vote, which indicates that they are truly happy where they work.

Use what you learn to connect with key hiring managers and decision-makers within those organizations, and then apply the social media tips above to nurture relationships and stay visible.

Work with an insider.

With locally-owned offices across the nation, PrideStaff can accelerate and simplify your job search:

  • Find a new job quickly. When you apply with us, you have immediate access to a wide range of employment opportunities. Our experts will match you with jobs that are right for your interests, skill level, and experience.
  • Access unadvertised jobs. If the thought of trolling job boards doesn’t excite you, apply with PrideStaff – and skip the runaround! Our recruiters do the legwork for you and connect you with job openings that aren’t advertised elsewhere.
  • Our services are free to you. We never charge job seekers a placement fee.

Start your 2021 job search now. Contact your local PrideStaff recruiter today!