Taking Off the Training Wheels

He’s been on the job for weeks now. He’s been through orientation, completed all the required training and is doing really well.

Yet you’re still overseeing, double-checking and signing-off on everything he does.

Your employee is succeeding – but is it only because you’re micromanaging him?

There’s only one way to find out!

Your new hire needs adequate training and direction. However, spoon-feeding him for too long can stifle his growth and make him question your faith in his abilities. So, when is the right time to “take off the training wheels” and let your fledgling new hire begin blazing his own path?

  • Assess his current performance. When you examine his work, are you still finding “rookie mistakes” – or is he demonstrating mastery of his core job responsibilities? Balance your own assessment with feedback from his peers and team members to make your decision. If he appears to have a solid grasp of the fundamentals…
  • Try a simple test. Give your new employee a small, discrete task (with clear deliverables and a concrete deadline) to complete without your supervision. Make sure the task requires a bit of planning, as well as interaction with other employees. Then step away and let him tackle it. Once the test is finished…
  • Examine the results. Take stock of whether the employee:
    – Delivered on time
    – Succeeded in his task (and if not, where he fell short)
    – Worked appropriately with other employees
    – Seemed confident and comfortable with the assignment
  • Provide feedback to your new hire. If he sailed through the test with flying colors, take off those training wheels! Start giving your new employee greater responsibility and more freedom. If he failed to meet your expectations, discuss why and how this happened:
    – Did he misunderstand the task?
    – Did he lack the resources or support needed to complete it?
    – Was he overwhelmed by the responsibility?
    – Does he merely require a bit more training? 

Determine the reasons your new hire missed the mark – and create a short-term plan for improving the results he delivers.

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