What Motivates Great Workers to Consider a New Job?

Tired of too many great employees leaving you for a competitor?

Looking for new ways to attract better talent to your organization?

Then you first need to understand what makes great workers tick. While every job seeker (active or passive) is unique, certain factors are highly likely to make them consider a new job:

  • Higher pay
  • Exciting projects
  • A clear path for advancement
  • Better work/life balance
  • Greater employer brand recognition

How can you use these motivators to your recruiting and retention advantage? Use the following ideas to make sure your jobs, culture and brand are designed to attract – and keep – talented people:

  • Scrutinize your compensation policies. Make sure you’re paying at or above market wage, and consider more frequent performance or salary reviews (especially for new hires).
  • Create clear paths for advancement. High achievers want to move forward and up in their career. To recruit and retain the best, detail career tracks for each job category. Then, meet annually with employees to map out and fine-tune three-to-five-year career plans.
  • Banish boring job postings. Turn that laundry list of job duties into a compelling recruitment ad by explaining the “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me) to potential applicants:
    • Explain the key challenges to be met.
    • Detail the interesting/unique aspects of the job, such as exciting projects, high-profile clients, new technology incorporated, etc.
    • Describe what success in the role looks like.
    • Highlight the potential for mentorship and/or advancement.
  • Revamp your perks. Job seekers at all levels want to work for employers offering robust benefits packages that address their need for work/life satisfaction. In “The Perks That Attract Top Talent,” we explain the workplace “extras” that will help you attract and keep great people.
  • Staff your business adequately. Chronic overwork leads to burnout – and drives great workers out the door. Since disgruntled former employees are vocal on social media and employer review sites, understaffing your business may damage your employer brand (keeping high performers from even considering working for you).
  • Be honest and authentic. No job or employer is perfect. So, while it’s important to be upbeat and put your best foot forward, it’s also critical to be realistic about your culture, work environment and industry. In the long run, you’ll create more lasting employment relationships if you paint an accurate picture.

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