Targeting a Company Where You Want to Work

Dying to work for a certain employer in your area – but unsure how to get hired?

Many of the job seekers we meet have a dream company for which they’d like to work. The trouble is, they don’t know how to pursue an opportunity with the employer, other than applying to posted jobs.

Today, PrideStaff shows you how to target the company you want to work at. These tips will help you go from “having your nosed pressed against the glass” to filling out your new hire paperwork:

Do your homework. Research the company online, browse employees’ LinkedIn profiles, and read recent press releases and news to learn everything you can about the company’s business and plans. Then, do a little brainstorming to figure out how you could fit in. Your goal is to show the hiring manager that you know the company and can bring value to it.

Leverage your network. Talk with friends, family members and even fellow alumni to find out who knows employees at your target company – and ask them to make an introduction. On LinkedIn, type the name of the employer into the search field. It will bring up people in your network who know employees or have worked for the company in the past. You can then ask them to “Get Introduced.”

Send introductory emails. While it’s important not to spam hiring managers or HR, it’s perfectly acceptable to be proactive in marketing yourself. Instead of merely sending a resume (because, remember – the best employers are inundated with them), find a creative way to pitch your fit and value – not just your job skills. Open your email with a line that shows that you’ve done your homework, and that you’re confident in what you bring to the table.

Set up informational interviews. If the employer isn’t currently hiring, an informational interview is a low-pressure opportunity for you to: get your foot in the door – literally; gain valuable insider feedback on potential future job openings; and explain about how you could fit into the company. At the end of the meeting, take the initiative and find out the next step in being considered for an upcoming position. 

Register with a staffing service. Another great way to land a job at your company of choice? Partner with a national employment agency like PrideStaff. Over the years, we’ve developed strong relationships with leading businesses in your market – and provide access to opportunities you won’t find elsewhere.

Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about great local job opportunities with your target employer. We can help you get your “foot in the door” with a temporary assignment or full-time job.