Earn Some Holiday Green


What do you love most about the holiday season? Is it:

  • The way a loved one’s face lights up when they open a gift from you?
  • Traveling to spend time with your family?
  • Hosting parties and impromptu get-togethers?

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, one thing is certain: Things are much more festive when you aren’t stressed about money. As we all know, the costs associated with buying gifts, entertaining family and friends, and traveling really add up this time of year.

Our advice? Pick up a temp job to earn some green before the holidays hit! With seasonal assignments available in a wide range of job categories and experience levels, PrideStaff makes it easy to find the right holiday job.

Here are just a few of the advantages that assignments through PrideStaff offer:

  • Temporarily boost your income. If you haven’t been able to save as much as you’d like for your holiday spending budget, a temporary assignment can help you quickly earn the extra cash you need. And unlike part-time jobs, holiday assignments through PrideStaff are typically for a pre-defined length. When you accept a temporary position, both you and the employer know that, once the work is done, so is your commitment.
  • Control your schedule. Only available evenings or weekends? Looking to supplement your full-time job? We offer seasonal assignments that fit your schedule: part-time and full-time; weekdays and weekends; first, second and third shifts.
  • No spending remorse. The best way to avoid financial stress and regret in January is by only spending money you already have (instead of using credit cards). Once the holidays arrive, you’ll have ample money and time to enjoy yourself. And come January, you won’t dread opening the mail.
  • Spread some holiday cheer! With more disposable income, it’s easier on you financially to participate in gift exchanges, purchase more presents on your loved ones’ wish lists, donate to your favorite charity, or even buy a splurge item for yourself (you deserve it!).

Learn more of the advantages of working as a field associate during the holiday season here: Best Ways to Supplement Your Income.

The holidays are nearly here! Find a great seasonal job.

If you need to earn some extra cash, search seasonal assignments or sign up for job alerts from PrideStaff. Whether you’re an experienced professional or fresh out of school, we offer access to a wide range of opportunities with the freedom, flexibility and pay you need.