Best Ways to Supplement Your Income

Sure, it’s still hot outside.

But across the nation, kids are headed back to school. Fall fashion is making its way onto retailers’ shelves.

And (gasp!) the holidays are just around the corner!

With the summer coming to a close, now is the perfect time to think about budgeting for the holidays – because we all know how expensive they can be. In fact, holiday spending has been on the rise over the past few years, and Americans spent an average of $1,007 on holiday-related expenses in 2018.

That’s not chump change.

If you want to prevent post-holiday spending remorse, create a plan to increase your short-term cash flow.

Temporary Work: A Great Way to Supplement Your Income

Offering flexibility, variety and competitive pay, temp assignments through PrideStaff can be a perfect way to supplement your income. Here are just a few of the advantages of working as a field associate during the holiday season:

  • Less legwork. PrideStaff makes it easy to browse jobs in your field – and even sign up for free customized job alerts. When you apply with us, we do the tedious, job-search legwork for you. You are instantly considered for assignments that are right for you, without having to respond to dozens of job postings.
  • Schedule control. Seasonal assignments through PrideStaff give you the flexibility and control you need to supplement your income – even if you have another job. Only available evenings or weekends? Just want an extra shift or two per week? We offer assignments that fit your schedule: part-time and full-time; weekdays and weekends; first, second and third shifts; short-term and long-term.
  • No guilt. When you accept a temporary assignment, both you and the employer know that, once the work is done so is your commitment. Plus, many of our holiday assignments have pre-defined start and end dates. This allows you to earn the extra money you need, without having to feel guilty about quitting a job once the holidays are over.
  • Enjoy a little variety. PrideStaff partners with employers in a range of industries and sizes. So, if you want to apply your transferable job skills to a new role, or just want a change of pace, temporary assignments are the perfect way to experience a novel work environment or perform different job responsibilities.

Supplement your income as a PrideStaff field associate.

If you need extra holiday cash, PrideStaff makes it simple and convenient to find the perfect temporary assignment that offers the freedom, flexibility and pay you need.

Our expert recruiters can help you assess your skills, interests and goals, and then present seasonal opportunities that are an ideal match. Start your holiday job search here.