The Best Time to Find Your Next Job is NOW (Beat the Competition!)

Everyone knows that the early bird gets the worm.

And in this case, the “worm” is an amazing new job.

Right now, great jobs are plentiful. As a result, you might think, “I have tons of time to look for a new job. Tomorrow is another day…”

Don’t get complacent about your job search. And don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.

The best time to find your next job is RIGHT NOW.

Here are a few reasons to start your job search today:

The clock is ticking – and the flood is coming.

As extended unemployment benefits expire and stimulus checks are spent, there’s going to be a flood of job seekers in the market. And you know what that flood means for you? Tougher competition for the job you want. If you start your job search now, you’ll beat the competition – and improve your chances of success.

Employment trends are cyclical.

Part of the reason job openings are so high right now is that our economy is replacing jobs lost in 2020. Once those are filled, there’s no guarantee the hiring boom will continue.

Employers are more willing to train than ever.

It’s a candidate’s job market right now, which means that employers widen their search and consider candidates who are a great culture fit but light on experience. If you have thought about making a career switch or want to apply to a dream job you’re slightly underqualified for, your window of opportunity is here.

It’s easier to find a job is while you have a job.

If you’re working but are unhappy or burned out, it’s best not to wait until your current employer forces your hand. Right now, you have a leg up on job seekers who are unemployed. While hiring managers may not automatically disqualify a candidate for an unemployment gap, they may view employed individuals like you more favorably.

Convinced it’s time to start your job search?

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Put PrideStaff’s recruiters to work for you.

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The best time to find your next job is NOW. Contact your local PrideStaff recruiter today!