Too Shy? Too Loud? Too Introspective? Too Opinionated?

The administrative assistant who gossips about EVERYONE.

The forklift operator who won’t even look co-workers in the eye.

The billing clerk who second-guesses everything they do.

The HR assistant who steamrolls everyone on their team – and then takes credit for work that’s not theirs.

That’s not you, right?


Let’s hope not. Because if you’re too aggressive, shy or indecisive at work, you may be sabotaging your career growth.

Could your personality be holding you back at work?

If you’ve mastered the responsibilities for your current position, but keep getting passed over for promotions and raises, your personality could be at least partially to blame. If you consider why from a manager’s perspective, it makes sense. When your experience and technical skills aren’t rounded out by great work habits and great “people skills,” you don’t have the “complete package” your boss needs to green-light your advancement.

Not sure if your personality is a liability or an asset to your career?

Time for some self-evaluation. Consider questions like the following to reveal potential shortcomings:

  • Do co-workers come to you asking for your input?
  • Do fellow employees take your advice?
  • Do you continually find yourself embroiled in conflicts at work?
  • Do you hesitate to speak up, even when you have important ideas to share?
  • Do you have responsibility for interacting with customers or training new employees?
  • Do team members invite you to work on their projects?
  • Do you have a habit of interrupting – or “giving your two cents,” even when you’re not asked?
  • Are you given work which requires strong verbal or other communication skills?
  • Are you part of the “rumor mill” at work?

Once you conduct this self-appraisal, ask trusted friends, family members, co-workers (and yes, even your boss) for their honest input. If you frame the conversation by explaining the reason you’re asking for feedback (i.e., you’re trying to accelerate your professional growth by identifying/strengthening personality weaknesses), they’ll be more likely to give you candid responses.

If you determine that there are areas of your personality which could use a little refining, study people who emulate desirable traits and behaviors. Use them as role models for guiding your own personality growth.

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