Top Hiring and Management Posts of 2018


2018 is drawing to a close, and it’s the perfect time to reflect and learn what we can from the past year – to help prepare for the next.

And our blog is the perfect place to do just that!

If you’re not a regular reader of PrideStaff’s Watercooler blog, think of today’s post as your crash course. Below, we’ve summarized the top hiring and management posts from 2018; each provides executives and professionals like you with practical advice to make you and your organization more successful.

So before the ball drops, set aside a few moments to review these reader favorites – and prepare for an amazing New Year!

2018’s Best Hiring and Management Blog Posts

Biggest Talent Shortages in 2018 and Beyond

Which job categories are experiencing the highest growth – and biggest skills gaps? This post reviews the sectors and roles most at risk for talent shortages between now and 2025, and the things your organization can do to bridge critical talent gaps.

Problem Solved…Or Maybe Not?

Every hiring manager wants employees who can develop and execute creative solutions to business problems. If you’re interviewing candidates for hire or promotion, how can you tell if they have “the right stuff”? The next time you need to hire a proven problem-solver, try one of these interview questions to gauge problem-solving abilities.

Hiring Red Flags – The 4 Candidate Characteristics that You Should Run From

It’s easy to reject a candidate who obviously lacks required skills or experience. But personal characteristics? They’re just as vital to job success, but much more difficult to evaluate objectively when hiring. In this post, we review warning signs that a candidate does not have the right soft skills for your company.

How to Deal with Unacceptable Behavior in the Workplace

Tempers flaring? Workers slacking off? If you’re experiencing productivity, attitude or culture problems in your organization try these ideas to fix them.

How to Handle Inappropriate Attire in the Workplace

Are your employees dressed to impress and perform – or do they look more like they’re headed to a nightclub? While the fashion rules for the modern office have evolved over the years, your company probably still has a dress code. And if your employees are testing the limits of what’s considered “acceptable workplace attire,” use these tips for addressing the dress code violation professionally.

As we prepare to flip the calendar once again, PrideStaff’s resolution remains the same:  to consistently provide experiences focused on what you value most.  From all of us at PrideStaff, we wish you a New Year filled with peace, joy, success – and a lot more opportunities for us to work together.