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2018’s Best Job Search and Career Blog Posts

How to Look Great for Your Interview – on a Budget

You’re all set to nail your next interview, with one important exception: You have nothing to wear – and not a lot of money to spend on a new outfit. When funds are tight, but you need to look your best for a job interview, use these cost-conscious tips to ensure you dress to impress without blowing your budget.

Top-Earning Jobs for Those Without a College Degree

Obviously, obtaining a four-year degree can significantly increase your earning potential. But you can still make a good living without one! In many fields, you can earn a high salary with a high school diploma plus training, certification or work experience. Which jobs pay the most? This post shares pay information from several sources on jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

Something’s Strange – 4 Red Flags of a Dysfuctional Company to Spot Before Accepting a Job Offer

In an effort to attract great job candidates like you, employers put their best foot forward during the interview process. But there’s a difference between “polishing” and outright deceiving. If an employer does something during the hiring process that you consider strange, should you be alarmed or just take it in stride? Check out these employer red flags that are real cause for concern for when you’re on the job hunt.

Dealing with Toxic Coworkers (Part 2)

One of PrideStaff’s most popular posts explains how to handle toxic coworkers. In fact, the topic went over so well that it spurred two other posts, How to Handle a Workplace Bully and How to Deal with a Chatty Cathy or Carl. But what should you do when these tactics don’t work? If you like your job and your company, don’t let someone else’s behavior ruin your happiness or career. Use these tips to make your work life a little easier, even if you’re forced to interact with a miserable employee.

Resumes in 2018 – How to Truly Stand Out

A typical recruiter spends just a few seconds reviewing your resume before making a decision about your candidacy. If you’re updating your resume in 2019, what’s the best way to capture a hiring manager’s attention? Here are a few tried-and-true resume tips, as well as a few new ideas to ensure your application truly stands out.

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