Top HR Blogs of 2019

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As the year draws to a close, now is the perfect time to catch up on some of the best advice you may have missed. Before the ball drops, check out our readers’ favorite HR blog posts – and prepare for an amazing New Year!

2019’s Top HR Blog Posts

How to Handle Inappropriate Attire in the Workplace

Does that employee look like they’re headed to the office – or the beach? Fashion rules for the modern workplace have certainly changed over the years, but your organization probably still has a dress code. If you find that certain team members are pushing the limits of what’s considered appropriate work attire, use this advice to handle dress code violations at work.

April Fools! How to Spot Resume Lies

A rubber snake in your desk drawer is a harmless prank. But lies on a candidate’s resume? That’s no joke. With as many as 85% of job applicants lying on their resume, how can you protect your company from making a hiring mistake? Start by following the tips in this post.

Here are the Interview Questions You CAN’T Ask

You’re smart and experienced. You’d never ask a job applicant questions about their disabilities, marital status, plans for a family, or lifestyle choices. But illegal interview questions aren’t the only type you should avoid when you’re hiring! Which other types of questions should you steer clear of? Our recruiting experts share three types of questions you should never ask in a job interview.

Problem Solved…Or Maybe Not?

Need to hire people who can solve problems – instead of creating them? If you’re interviewing job candidates, try asking one of these interview questions to gauge problem-solving abilities or check out these assessments to gauge a candidate’s problem-solving abilities.

Is an Assertive Candidate Good or Bad?

Will that individual with the firm handshake and direct demeanor turn out to be a go-getter on the job – or just plain aggressive? In this post we share a few tips to figure out whether that assertive candidate will be a great hire, or potentially turn into a management nightmare.

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