Wake Up: Podcasts to Help You Wake Your Brain for Work

If you’re not a morning person, what’s the best way to shake off the mental cobwebs and get your brain prepped for a busy workday?

Sure, you could drink more caffeine. And, yes, you could take an ice-cold shower. But we have an even better suggestion:

Wake up your brain by listening to a great podcast.

Podcasts are rapidly gaining momentum as a source of information and entertainment. According to a study by Edison Research, a whopping 67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly. That’s up 14 percent in just one year! Even more impressive is the fact that 42 million Americans – 15 percent of the US population – now listen to podcasts weekly.

Podcasts are gaining traction for several reasons, including lower production costs and early influencers in the space. But as a listener, podcasts are attractive because:

  • They’re perfect to listen to during your commute or while you’re performing busywork.
  • They’re quick to download and listen to later.
  • Unlike visual content, they engage your ears with silence, pauses and genuine human voices.

Looking for the best podcasts to start your day?

Here are a few of our team’s favorites – sure to boost your productivity, motivation and overall performance:

  • PrideStaff Strategic Insights. Featuring candid interviews with leading authors, speakers and workplace consultants, episodes are packed with tips and best practices to help busy professionals like you discover new and innovative ways to manage a modern workforce. From current HR trends to tips for smarter hiring and recruiting, Strategic Insights will help bring out the best in your employees.
  • The Tim Ferris Show. Tim Ferris is the entrepreneur and author best-known for The 4-Hour Workweek. Featuring famous guests like Jamie Foxx and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ferris’ #1-ranked iTunes business podcast shares techniques and routines you can use to maximize your personal productivity.
  • TED Radio Hour. This podcast delivers all of your favorite TED talks in radio format. Each episode presents an astonishing invention, a fresh approach to an old problem, or new ways to think and create – the perfect antidote to morning brain fog.
  • The Productivityist. An experienced speaker, writer and bestselling author, Mike Vardy hosts a weekly show with episodes that provide proven tips to use time better, bring more balance to your daily routine, and manage tasks smarter.

Looking for another way to kick-start morning productivity?

Make sure you have the staff you need to support your team. From covering last-minute call-offs to tackling big new projects, PrideStaff can quickly provide the right people to make every workday more successful. Contact your local PrideStaff office today to learn more.