What Does a Temp-to-Hire Job Mean?


Thinking about applying to work through a staffing agency?

Temp-to-hire jobs may be a great fit for you.

If you’re new to the world of temping, you might not realize all the advantages a temporary-to-hire opportunity can provide for your career (not to mention your wallet). Below, our national employment agency provides a quick overview of the concept – and outlines the advantages temp-to-hire jobs offer:

What does temp-to-hire mean?

A temp-to-hire job is one that starts out as a temporary assignment, but has the potential to become a direct job. You start out working as a PrideStaff employee on assignment, working at our client’s location. During this initial phase, both you and the client “test the waters,” each deciding if there’s a good match between the individual and the role.

If, at the end of this initial period, the employer is impressed with your performance, they have the option to offer you a direct position with their organization. Then, you can decide if you’d like to take the job offer or not – with no obligation or penalty. It’s also important to know that, if you take a temp-to-hire job, there is no guarantee that the employer will offer you a direct position at the end of the assignment.

Why is a temp-to-hire position good for job seekers like you?

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Get to work quickly. If you search for a job on your own, it can take weeks or months to get hired. When you apply with PrideStaff, we can instantly connect you to immediate temp-to-hire job openings – and get you earning a paycheck, faster.
  • Prove yourself on the job. Have amazing administrative abilities? Fantastic forklift skills? Are you just really easy to work with? There’s much more to you than your resume shows, and a temp-to-hire job allows you to demonstrate your skills, personality and work ethic on the job.
  • Get your foot in the door. Temp-to-hire is a great vehicle for landing a permanent position with an employer. In fact, 49% of temporary workers say they leveraged a short-term assignment to land a permanent job.
  • Build your professional network. During the weeks you’re on assignment, you have tremendous opportunities to meet new people and make new work connections.
  • Build your skills, too. As a PrideStaff field associate, you have the opportunity to work in new areas, acquiring skills and experience that you can then include on your resume.
  • Take your time deciding. Not sure if a job is right for you? With a temporary-to-hire position, you have weeks to evaluate the job, the supervisor, the co-workers, the culture, the commute and more – all with no commitment!

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