Show Your Staff Some Love – The Right Way

Valentine’s cards, fancy chocolates and long-stemmed roses?

They may be appropriate for romantic interests – but not your employees.

We all realize the business benefits of showing employees your appreciation (increased motivation, productivity, performance and retention, to name a few), but what are the most effective and appropriate ways to do it?

We shared several employee appreciation ideas in this earlier post; here are a few more:

Go social. When an employee does something amazing, don’t stop at making an internal announcement or mentioning it in a newsletter. Snap a photo of that deserving staff member and post it on your social media accounts (with their permission, of course). In addition to making the employee feel appreciated, sharing their achievement on social builds your employment brand and shows potential candidates how much you value your people.

Provide new learning and development rewards. Give your staff opportunities to learn more, develop their talents, attend association meetings or represent your organization at civic events. In addition to motivating your employees, you’ll create a more well-rounded team.

Institute a “pick a perk” program. It can be challenging to find a single reward that appeals to everyone in your organization – so why try? Buy a variety of gift cards of equal value (e.g., $25 cards for area restaurants, stores, movie theaters or salons). Then, when you want to thank an employee, allow them to pick their perk. They can choose a reward that they’ll truly appreciate, and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Show them the door. For a day, that is! Surprise deserving employees with an extra paid day off. Time away from work is especially important for people who work long hours to do a great job for you, and awarding them an extra vacation or personal day is an ideal way to demonstrate your thanks. Need coverage for those days employees will be out? PrideStaff is just a click or call away.

PrideStaff is here to help.

Providing adequate staffing support is a powerful way to show how much you appreciate your core team. With offices across the nation and a full complement of staffing solutions, PrideStaff is uniquely qualified to help you:

  • Provide gap coverage, so your employees can take the time off work they’ve earned.
  • Grow your team in departments that are stretched too thin.
  • Flex your workforce to minimize stress, overwork and the burnout it causes.
  • Free-up employees’ time for training, professional development or other activities that require time away from work.

Give your local PrideStaff office a call to learn how we can help.