What to Do if Furloughed Employees Don’t Return

You understand the guidance.

You’ve made adjustments to your physical location, added cleaning and social distancing measures, and purchased additional PPE.

You’ve clearly communicated to staff and customers your plans for reopening safely.

Your business is picking back up…and yet many furloughed employees have decided not to return.

It’s a frustrating, and all-too-common, problem unfolding across the country right now. After struggling with closures, employers are now facing a new problem: finding motivated workers to get their businesses moving again.

The reason is clear. According to a Washington Post-Ipsos poll of more than 8,000 American adults:

  • Nearly 6 in 10 working outside their homes were concerned that they could be exposed to the coronavirus at work and infect other members of their household.
  • Those concerns were even higher for some; roughly 7 in 10 black and Hispanic workers said they were worried about getting a household member sick if they are exposed at work.

Here’s the harsh reality:

Employees are concerned about returning to work. Just because your business reopens, it doesn’t mean workers will come right back.

Being short-staffed right now can paralyze your business, during a time when generating revenue is more critical than ever. If furloughed employees don’t want to return to work, how can you find qualified people to ramp back up?

A staffing and recruiting partner like PrideStaff can help you overcome both immediate and long-term hiring and workforce challenges:

  • Providing swift access to temporary workers for last-minute call-offs as well as long-term needs.
  • Supplementing your workforce to match changing demands – without adding overhead.
  • Proactively recruiting a bench of qualified talent to accelerate hiring.
  • Ensuring your pay rates are in line with your local market – and competitive enough to entice furloughed employees to come back

Need help reopening your business?

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