Who is Generation Z and How Will They Impact the Workplace?

Gen Z. iGeneration. Homelanders. Re Gens.

No matter what you call them, one thing is certain: a new generation of talent is flooding into the workplace! This young and talented cohort:

  • consists of individuals born in the mid-90s to the early ’00s;
  • is characterized as independent, stubborn, pragmatic and always in a rush;
  • has grown up (and is very comfortable) with technology, social media and the internet;
  • is used to having everything, everywhere, immediately;
  • tends to be more socially aware, fiscally conservative and environmentally responsible.

As you can see, they’re vastly different from their workplace predecessors – and they’re bringing a wealth of disruptive changes with them:

They need to be managed differently.

With significantly different priorities, tendencies and skills, Gen Z will spur an entirely new management dynamic. Here are a few quick tips for the millennials who will be managing them:

  • Communicate face-to-face, when practical. Despite being connected to technology 24/7, research suggests that young workers prefer in-person communication with their bosses.
  • Encourage teaching in both directions. Cross-generational mentoring strengthens bonds with younger employees, while enabling them to impart their tech knowledge up through the organization.
  • Create many points of contact.  Younger workers want more feedback and more meaningful projects.  Teach more senior employees to delegate effectively, communicate frequently and provide the constructive advice Gen Z craves.
  • Combat negative stereotypes. Maintain an “open-door” policy and listen carefully in the face of conflict, to better defuse inter-generational tensions and build consensus.

They’re willing to work hard for a paycheck.

Homelanders grew up during the Great Recession, with many watching their parents struggle financially. What’s more, they’ve come of age in an era overshadowed by massive college debt and a questionable future for social security. As a result, this generation is willing to work for their living and create their own long-term financial stability.

They want to work in their dream jobs.

Gen Z is interested in working for employers or causes they’re passionate about – even if it means being paid a little less. The good news? If your company provides clear paths for growth and meets their need for work-life satisfaction, they’re likely to be loyal. The bad news? If they feel stuck, members of Gen Z are very comfortable jumping ship in favor of opportunities where they can truly make an impact.

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