Why You Shouldn’t Just Hang Up on a Recruiter, Even Though You Already Have a Job

Three years ago, you wouldn’t have read a post like this on our blog. The job market was flooded with unemployed applicants (thanks to the recession), and recruiters had little trouble finding the talented people they needed.

Things are different now. Across the country, more employers are hiring again. In many cases, they are facing real candidate shortages – and are recruiting people who are already gainfully employed.

If you have a job and receive a call from a recruiter, you may be inclined to hang up on him right away. But is that the best choice for your career?

Honestly, probably not.

Here are three things you should do (instead of hanging up!) when a recruiter calls – even if you’re currently working:

Be open-minded. Sometimes the grass IS greener! Find out everything you can about the available opportunity, before deciding whether or not to pursue it. Ask questions about the job, the company and the potential for advancement. You never know – if you hear the recruiter out, you may find that his opportunity is the perfect next step in achieving your long-term career goal.

Be honest. If you’re happy in your current position, say so. Let the recruiter know what it would take in terms of pay, benefits or opportunity for you to consider making a move. After all, you have nothing to lose – the worst the recruiter can do is say that the available job doesn’t meet your needs. Regardless of the call’s outcome, the recruiter will appreciate your candor and respect for his time.

Be helpful. If you’re certain the opportunity is not right for you, politely decline. Suggest another person whom the recruiter might call, if an individual comes to mind. “Paying it forward” will come in handy, should you ever need the recruiter’s help in the future.

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